Carrie Olsen Voice over – Book More E-learning


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Carrie Olsen Voiceover – Book More E-learning

Carrie Olsen Voiceover – Book More E-learning

Price:  $325
Sale Page: carrieolsenvo.com/tell-me-about-book-more-e-learning/
Archive:  archive.is/00ucW

The complete system for finding and delivering repeat e-learning work that allows you to build up your business, while decreasing your stress and building stability.

“I can’t recommend this highly enough!” –Alan

“I was determined to focus on expanding my eLearning business for 2017, and thanks to Carrie’s tips for creating a more focused contact list, I got three jobs in the first month that paid for the class several times over. Best money I ever spent!” –Jill


  • You’re tired of the pay-to-play game and are ready to take your voiceover business to the next level with consistent, high quality e-learning narration work
  • You want a unique advantage over other voice actors vying for the same jobs
  • You’re ready to “do the work” and put an aggressive marketing plan in action
  • You want to build your client list with names who are ready and eager to hire voice talent for their projects


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