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Carolin Soldo – Brand Your Passions

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The Exclusive Hybrid Program™ designed to Catapult Passion-Based Coaches from their Dreamy Vision to Owning a Booming Online Empire in just 4 months!

You’ve done
looking for the insider’s guide to internet marketing, right?

You want (so badly) to be

“that coach”
You know the one, right?

…with a roster full of paying clients (begging to simply work with you)

You’ve done
looking for the insider’s guide to internet marketing, right?

You’ve put in the work and you know your subject inside-out.

And, you’ve overcome your biggest struggles (in health or life so now you’re a living testament of success).

But let’s face it

You’ve Got No Clients

And now you’re wondering… “Can I even call myself a Coach?”

Now What will You Do?

You could give up on your dream and go back to working at your soulsucking desk job.

You could get down on your knees hoping someone hears you and grants your biz wishes (then magically turns you into the super-life/health/business coach you have always dreamt of becoming)….

You could forget about ever going full-time with your coaching biz and just admit that this here is just a hobby.


You could start making a better living.
Create a brand you love with a roster full of dream clients,
Have a business that gives you the financial stability to enjoy the luxuries you love.

All the while I was stuck in a day job where I simply wasn’t making a difference.

On my down-time I was doing a lot to build my biz, but none of the programs I invested in really fit together.

So, in the end I actually spent over $22k to learn everything I know about building a successful online brand!

I had no real power in my job, and I was helping someone else fulfill their dreams. And staying there in that job – well, it left me feeling completely empty.

So, I buckled down, did the research, and put in the work. I took more courses than I can even count and suddenly it started to click. I finally had all the secrets that your favorite life and health coaches are using to consistently achieve success.


Make my own schedule (2-hour long lunch breaks with my girlfriend, my kids’ hockey game at 4pm, and piano lessons at 6, yes please!) …

Workout whenever I want to…and wear my workout clothes whenever I want to, even to coach clients (heck yeah!)

Enjoy time with my two active boys who need their mama more than anything

Travel to gorgeous places I used to only stare at longingly on Pinterest

And, enjoy romance, spontaneous get-aways, and luxurious dinner dates with my love.


Well, that’s easy! I believe in the message you’re so passionate about, and I want to see you experience your dream!

… to get out of bed each day with enthusiasm for the career you’ve created
… to enjoy the freedom that comes from running a successful online coaching business
… and to feel the difference in ALL areas of your life as your confidence and income grow

Most new coaches imagine it’ll be easier than it really is to get clients and generate an income using the DIY route.

So, they make it harder than it needs to be by approaching their business as more of a hobby (without even realizing it).

Here’s the thing: their mindset is holding them back! When an opportunity to step up comes their way they start thinking…

“This won’t work for me…”
“I’m not confident enough to start…”
“I’m not an internet celebrity…”

Luckily that’s NOT you! You’re not just another cookie-cutter health or life coach.
You’ve got your certification and have learned some basics of setting up your business, and now you’re ready to setup your business and online empire!

It’s your turn!

I don’t want you to keep throwing time and resources away and suffer like I did.

So I’ve put together

is the Exclusive HYBRID PROGRAM™ designed to take New Coaches from their Dreamy Vision to Successful Online Empire in 4 months – flat

In 4 short months with me you will:

Start making a great income working with real clients so you can finally feel comfortable calling yourself a coach.

Get crystal clear on your target market + discover what they really want.

Create a stunning website that makes competition irrelevant.

Discover how to tap into the art of coaching and hold powerful conversations with clients.

Master the art of selling and booking Discovery Sessions in truckloads.
Harness the power of social media to spread your message to the masses.

There’s MORE,

Brand your Passions and learn how to design a Coaching Brand with a Powerful WOW Factor so that you can stand out online with ease and grace.

Create your first 1:1 and HYBRID Coaching Package to attract dream clients and command premium prices while giving you full scalability.

Discover how to become wildly visible online with advanced visibility strategies that work!

Make a marketing funnel that attracts your ideal clients so they sign up for your high-end programs on auto-pilot.

Confidently present your programs and selling like a high end coach.

Master Facebook Ads to automate your marketing and attract new leads while you sleep.

What choose a Hybrid Program™?

We have pioneered and are the creators of this approach, because it’s the ONLY way for New Coaches to get real results. It includes 1:1 coaching, access to a TEAM of coaches, group coaching calls, full email support, personalized reviews, and full video and workbook modules all in one.

Complete Online Curriculum

Weekly training modules for New Coaches including video and uniquely designed workbooks.

Access to Carolin’s complete Team of Coaches including Marketing Expert, Sales Expert, Mindset Expert, and Systems and Branding Expert.

Access to Carolin’s Business Systems and Structures including templates, scripts, and samples for everything you need from Welcome Packets, to Coaching Agreements, and Discovery Calls and Webinars.


TWO Weekly LIVE Group Q&A Coaching sessions where you will receive 1:1 coaching with Carolin and her team to address your unique goals and business including Facebook Ads, Mindset, Systems, and more.

A private and exclusive Facebook forum to connect with other highly driven coaches who are making a difference in the world.

Additional access to Carolin by posting your questions in your private Forum.

Networking and accountability opportunities.


3 Monthly 1:1 Coaching Calls with your Mindset and Success Coaches.

Full Email Access to Carolin and her team of experts for 4 months. Submit your questions directly to our team for personalized help.

Personalized content reviews. Our in-house copy team reviews your FB Ads, Webinar Slides, Opt in Page, Email Sequence and more.

You also get:

  • Exclusive access to witness the private coaching of all group members to super-charge your own coaching skills & confidence.
  • Private members portal where all live training and Q&A calls are uploaded for 24/7 access.

What’s in it for you?

As soon as you enroll in Brand your Passions, you’re going be immersed in a community of like-minded Health, Life, and Business Coaches with one common goal: To make a big difference with their skills and create the business and life of freedom and abundance.

16 weekly Video Training Modules with Coach Carolin

The training videos give you step by step instruction on the exact methods you can use to monetize your Passions, create a thriving Coaching Business, and attract the perfect clients anytime you want.

A private Mastermind Group for the Ages

to Surround yourself with like-minded entrepreneurs who are on a similar journey.

Personal Reviews from our in-house Copy Team

You’ll receive personalized reviews of your Sales Pages, Opt In Pages, Email Sequences, and more from our trained in-house copy team! This is priceless and will save you thousands of dollars knowing you are creating marketing content that will work and sell!

My Technology Toolbox

A complete list of all technology platforms I use and recommend in my business from Scheduling Clients to having agreements signed online, to taking payments and hosting webinars. Kiss Tech-Overwhelm Goodbye!

16 unique Workbook PDF’s

Receive 16 weekly Workbooks to go along with your video training modules to give you the step by step instructions on how to build your Coaching Business every week.

1:1 access to ME and my team of experts

Access our team of experts 1:1 on the weekly Q&A Calls including Tara our Advertising Expert, Belinda our Mindset Expert, and of course Carolin herself! Receive personalized feedback and accountability from me and my powerhouse coaching team when you email us your questions. Know if you are on track to reach your goals and realize when you need to make changes so you can create the business you desire.

Lifetime access to the materials

Access the Online Membership Site for as long as you want to. Complimentary updates to the training material to ensure you always have the most up to date information to grow your business!

2 LIVE Q&A Coaching Calls per week (2 hours each, yes really!)

We’ll be there each step of the way so that you’re never left in the dark wondering what to do next.

Exclusive Training + Access to the Best Experts in the Industry

($2500 Value)

I’ve built a team of power players who are giving their all to you in our exclusive masterclass series. And, they don’t just drop information and run, they’ll stay on the call or show up in our Facebook group to give you guidance and help you turn your passion into profits.

Marketing Message Mastery

($900 Value)

Use this and you’ll know the exact words to use to make your clients want to buy from you with Carolin’s marketing message creation module that will mesmerize your clients .

The Client Attraction Method

($10,000 Value)

The proven method for creating a system to have clients find you! Implement a guaranteed marketing system to bring clients to you each month without cold calling, “networking”, and stalking people on Facebook.

The Game Changer

($197 Value) 
I’m giving you access to my personal wealth consciousness reading list so you can start to own your gifts, attract clients, and make money without any guilt. These are the exact resources I’ve used to break through to earning multiple 5-figure months!

Your Coaching Program Blueprint

($900 Value)

The only resource you’ll need to design a 1:1 Program, Group Program, or Hybrid Program™ your ideal client is going to find irresistible – this is an easy to implement, paint by the numbers plan!

Wealth Consciousness and Business Reading Assignment

($197 Value)

Access my most recommended books to keep Your Mindset Strong and Your Vibration High through the entire program.

Complete Webinar and Preview Call Training Module

($697 Value)

Hosting webinars and preview calls is going to catapult you from invisible underearner to Wildly Famous Expert in your niche. But don’t just put on any old workshop! Learn Carolin’s personal formula for structuring your Webinar Message including your slide-by-slide content, script, and show up professional and sleek for your ideal client audience.

Learn how to promote and boost attendance, how to execute with the right technology platforms, and follow up like a pro to maximize sign-ups and sale

Here’s our biz building 4 Month agenda:


As soon as you enroll in the program, you will receive an Orientation Module to assist you to make the very most out of the program and how to best prepare for the 4 months ahead.

● How to work through fear and self-doubt and build your wealth consciousness to build a Premium Coaching Business and Lifestyle.
● Time management strategies successful coaches have in place and how to organize your schedule to laser focus on your path ahead.

Month 1:

Design Your 6+ Figure Business Plan, Create your WOW Factor Brand, and Discover your Ideal Niche.

What you will be working on:

● Discovery your Coaching Business Model and build your business around your lifestyle so that you not only have a thriving business, but the free and abundant life that goes along with it.
● Design your gorgeous Coaching Brand including a unique Brand Identity that will make you rise above the rest and have your clients be drawn to you like bees to honey.
● Choose a lucrative niche and target market so you set yourself up for success in the long term.
● Get clear on how to differentiate your brand and learn how to leverage your unique talents.

Month 2:

Create your unique Website, First Premium Coaching Package, and implement Business Systems for consistent 5 Figure Months.

What you will be working on:

● Create your 1:1 Program, Group Program, or Hybrid Program™ that your clients will find irresistible. These programs will allow you to scale, have fun, and earn your worth.
● Learn copywriting that converts and the art of writing sales pages.
● Price your package for 5 figure months and beyond.
● Learn to communicate to become magnetic for consistent clients and income.
● Design and build your gorgeous Coaching Website step-by-step.
● Implement the systems and structures for a solid business foundation and kiss technology overwhelm goodbye.

Month 3:

Implement the Client Attraction Method, setup your Sales Funnel, and automate your Online Marketing for a thriving business and a free Lifestyle.

What you will be working on:

● Implement Carolin’s Marketing System that will have you attract 5-10 new paying clients each month.
● Position yourself as the sought-after go to expert in your niche.
● Create irresistible free offers that build your email list on auto-pilot.
● Conduct webinars and preview calls to get clients to say “yes”.
● Build your Social Media Following and rise to Expert Status online.
● Know exactly where to find your ideal clients online and have them ask for your help instead of chasing them.
● Automate your marketing with a 6+ figure Facebook Ads Plan.

Month 4:

Enroll your first Premium Coaching Clients, Making Money, gain Media Features, and Master you Coaching Skills.

What you will be working on:

● Book consistent Discovery Calls and learn to love sales.
● Conduct sales conversations that aren’t pushy, pitchy or icky and get the clients saying “yes”!
● Handle any objections that may occur when you are speaking to potential clients.
● Be Seen and Heard with PR strategies to get you booked with joint ventures and smack dab in front of your ideal customers.
● Strengthen your core coaching skills + techniques in order to become a confident coach.

Getting 5-10 new clients a month is within your reach if:

  • You’re totally over hiding out in the dark not being recognized, and not being able to differentiate yourself as one of the best coaches in your field.
  • You’re ready to fuel your passion and live your dreams by creating a life and career you love!
  • You’re ready to make a huge impact on the world and you understand that the only way to do it is to brand your passion and build a loyal following of dream clients.
  • You want to give back and serve
  • You understand just how important branding is – it’s the secret sauce that’ll get you fully booked (and keep you booked out + commanding high rates) month-after-month.
  • You’ve come to understand that your thoughts and actions are highly linked to your success.
  • You want to know the secret to successful sales convos so you can talk to prospective clients with confidence, face objections head-on, and convert all those fence-sitters into paying clients.

Admit that you’re just not ready yet if:

  • You’re lazy. My dear, for this to work your heart’s gotta be in it! I can’t and I won’t do the work for you.
  • You’re indecisive, or noncommittal – if you can’t decide on the minor things then maybe entrepreneurship is just not for you!
  • It hurts to admit that you’re wrong – we’ve all got moments when we fumble. When it comes to assigning blame you’re always trying to point the finger or understand that you play a role in your own mis-steps.
  • You’re skeptical about online business, I don’t have a lot of time trying to convince you to invest in yourself.
  • You’re afraid to interact online or in Facebook groups. That’s the foundation of our business.
  • You’re in this more for what you can earn than for the connections. A business won’t flourish if it’s all about money!
  • You’d rather just do what you’ve been doing and you don’t want to know the secrets to business, online marketing, or sales.

What would an additional 2, 5, or 10 clients a month mean to you?

A heck of a lot, right? Because it’s not just about earning more, it’s about the freedom, the lifestyle, and your passion – isn’t it?

Once you’re accepted for Brand Your Passions, you’ll get instant access to your:

  • Membership Site including your Orientation Materials
  • Weekly Coaching Modules
  • Bonuses and Downloads

So you can begin your life changing journey ahead of you.

You will access the private Mastermind Group, begin to work with Carolin and her coaching team, and book your Calendar with our twice weekly Live Coaching Q&A Calls so you’ll be well on your way to build your Coaching Empire in the next 4 months!

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  1. Alexander King (verified owner)

    Great value for the price. Highly recommend!

  2. Victoria Rogers (verified owner)

    The examples provided were very helpful in understanding the concepts.

  3. Camden (verified owner)

    This course provided a solid foundation for further learning.

  4. Ryker (verified owner)

    Good service.

  5. Katie Cruz (verified owner)

    This course is a must-have for anyone looking to learn this topic.

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