CareerPreneurs – Gen X – Launch your career in 6 weeks

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CareerPreneurs – Gen X – Launch your career in 6 weeks

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Get Career Confident! Clarify your personal brand and start marketing yourself like an Entrepreneur with the mindset to match it! | taught by Seona Craig (Ba.Psych/Bus)


It’s time for change!

Learn how to become a CareerPreneur and take control of your career…instead of allowing your career to be in charge of you.

Stop thinking of yourself as an ’employee’….embrace the ‘entrepreneur’ mindset and apply it to your career!

Don’t take ‘what you can get’. Identify, target and hunt down what you want!

The labour market has changed. A lot! Have you?

Employers are changing, the balance of power is shifting, employees are becoming more like consumers. Permanent work is becoming less common and by 2020, 40% of the labour market is expected to be contingent (contractors, freelancers, temporary staff, casual engagements). This is a huge shift…..and it is fast becoming a reality. This program will teach you to embrace the changes and use them to your advantage. LEARN. LEVERAGE. LAUNCH.

Don’t be left behind…stay on top of your game. Become a CareerPreneur and manage your career like a BOSS!

Employers are looking for people that match their brands. You are looking for employers that fit with your brand.

As a CareerPreneur….you will identify your goals, create a powerful personal brand, develop a detailed ‘roadmap’ to get what you want, cultivate the mindset to achieve it, develop powerful marketing materials to sell what you offer and implement the strategies that I teach you to achieve your goals.

In the current competitive market……The best self marketers win!

Through my affiliate business (YOU Unlimited – Careers. Branding. Coaching), I have helped hundreds of people win their dream jobs by doing all their marketing for them. I want to teach you everything I know and have learnt from 15 years selling, buying and marketing PEOPLE (Watch my ‘Career Story’ as part of the free trial).

Your career is a small business of one. You need to manage it that way and map out your plans and make moves that align with your long term goals. CareerPreneurs sets you up with everything you need to manage your career, set your goals and market yourself….using the same tools, processes and strategies that a business does when preparing to launch.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to LAUNCH YOURSELF! This is a revolution…….let’s drive it together and take advantage of the new opportunities that are now available to savvy CareerPreneurs.

You are on your way to landing your dream job….

Check out the abundance of awesomeness you get in the program below.

Sign up and I will see you in there!

Lets Rock-et!

To your UNLIMITED success,

Seona Craig


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