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Bryan Cohen – Selling For Authors

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The Selling Mentality
In the first module, you’ll learn how to stop worrying and love the sale. Inside, you’ll find out the three reasons you’re not selling and how to overcome them. I’ve included tips on how to change your mindset for selling and learn successful habits. Lastly, you’ll discover how author copywriting will help boost your business.

Using Sales Copy to Sell More Books
I can’t wait to teach you the five parts of what I call “The Author Copywriting Package” and how to make them sound awesome. Inside, you’ll get the lowdown on where authors use sales copy and how the two author copywriting funnels work to grow your author business. You’ll love this. In this module, you’ll find out how to “set it and forget it” and still get better sales.

Headlines and CTAs
Headlines and calls to action (CTAs) will improve your copywriting by 80 percent with a few key tweaks, so here’s a whole module about them! In this lesson, you’ll learn why headlines and calls to action are so important for author copywriting. You’re also getting the easy-as-pie systems for writing effective headlines and CTAs. There’s a secret ninja trick in this module: Where you can find inspiring headlines without writing a word!

Writing Better Fiction Book Descriptions
In module #4, I’ll teach you about going beyond the synopsis to make your book sound like a must-read. This includes the four parts of a successful book description, the system to simplify every description, and even advanced tips to take your description to the next level!

Nonfiction Descriptions That Sell
Nonfiction authors can play in this sandbox too! Learn how to convince readers that your book is the solution to their problem. You’re going to find out how nonfiction book descriptions differ from fiction descriptions and why showing that you’re an expert is so important. I’ll also teach you how focusing on the benefits can set your book apart.

Review Requests
Do you want to learn how to write an email that will get your book enough reviews to reach the century mark? I thought you might. Inside this module, you’ll discover why reviews are important and where most authors fall short. I’ve also included a system for getting more reviews and writing better emails for review requests. Lastly, you’ll find out the easy way and the hard way to get a lot of reviewers on board.


Automatic Email Marketing, Part 1
We’re getting into the meat and potatoes here! In module #7, I’ll teach you about writing emails that subscribers care about to build stronger relationships. Inside, you’ll find out how to automatically send emails to your new subscribers, the system for writing spectacular and personal emails, and the first three emails you’ll send to connect with your readers.

Automatic Email Marketing, Part 2
Even more about automatic emails! In here, you’ll learn about getting readers on your side for life for reviews, sales, and friendships. I’ve got lessons on how to pitch your non-free books and why a street team is so important and what to say to them. Additionally, I’ll show you how email subscribers can be a great long-term investment.

Facebook Ads
Facebook Ads are all the rage, but how do you write catchier, clickier, more interesting ads? This is the module that shows you how! In module #9, find out how to make sure your ad is written with a goal in mind, a system to write more effective ads, and why you need to test different aspects of ads.


Landing Pages
Module #10 is all about perfecting the place to send your readers for countless fans and followers. Discover exactly how you create a landing page, as well as the simple system for writing landing pages. You’ll also learn what to do with your pages to get new readers to subscribe.

It can be scary taking your new copywriting skills out into the real world, but this module will teach you how to take your elevator pitch to the top floor to make incredible connections. Inside, you’ll discover how a pitch online isn’t much different from a pitch in person. I’ll also use my former career as an actor to teach you how to create and memorize in-person pitches. You’re also getting a seven-step system for developing your author network to the extreme!

The One Week of Copy Blueprint
This is where it all comes together! In the final module, I’ll teach you how to craft your entire Author Copywriting Package in 7 days and transform your author career. In here, we’ll review the five systems for the Author Copywriting Package and how they work together. I’ll then share with you a blueprint you can use to put everything together in just 1 week. You’ll also discover how to supercharge it all through the power of community


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