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Brendan Nichols – Wealth Secrets Club [13 Posts(txt), 73 Documents (pdf), 50 Audios (mp3), 3 Images (jpg)]

Brendan Nichols – Wealth Secrets Club [13 Posts(txt), 73 Documents (pdf), 50 Audios (mp3), 3 Images (jpg)]

Price:  $799
Sale Page: blankrefer.com/?

This is not the $8k program but what he created as his membership lead-in program. It contains a lot of teleseminars and content recycled from the main program.

Imagine a Vast Secret Library That
Contained the Most Powerful Cash
Generating Strategies to Business Success.
Locked Away Inside Are Unique Formulas
That We Believe, Could Dramatically
Increase Your Cashflow…..

Now Imagine You Had Exclusive Access!

Welcome to Wealth Secrets Club.com

BIG PROMISE # 1: Wealth Secrets Club contains a vast library of Real World EXPERIENCE, tools and techniques crafted meticulously over twenty years that will give you the information I believe you need to increase your income and create a significant cash-flow breakthrough in your business. All based on over 3 decades as a very successful entrepreneur as well as having taught thousands of entrepreneurs in Australia, USA, China, Asia and NZ.
You will find a vast collection of cash generating, income exploding tools, strategies, skills and techniques that I believe can quickly show you how to multiply your income in business.
You will find at your finger tips unique audios, e-books, videos and “how-to” guides that are simply unavailable anywhere else online.
In case you do not know me – I have shared the stage with the likes of Brad Fallon and Robert Kiyosaki and almost three-quarters of a million people watched my ABC television documentary on achieving success. I have clients who have been coming to my seminars for more than 18 years and for some it all started with them getting one of my articles or reading my best-selling book (I have been published by the giant Harper Collins). Many of these clients paid a lot of money for these secrets but now you can get them for a fraction of that cost – all conveniently located in one unique online library delivered to you every month.
This FACT Will Shock You…
“Of the small businesses that fail 90% do so because of the lack of skills and knowledge on the part of the owner”
(Dunn and Bradstreet, the world’s leading source of commercial information and insight on businesses for the last 167 years)
So What Does That Mean For You?
The devastating irony for most of us as business owners is that we invest in our staff, we invest in our premises, we invest in our product or service but we rarely invest in ourselves, in our education, in our skills.
The quote above makes it clear. If you don’t invest in your education your business could be in trouble and that’s why I am revealing this treasure trove of tips, tools and that I used to increase my success and others.
And it’s to you right now with an offer that is going to astound you!
Before we talk about that offer…
Here My Further Promises:
BIG PROMISE # 2 : In the information there are in my opinion more Profitable Ideas, BIG Opportunities and BIG Breakthroughs than you may have ever realized were possible!
BIG PROMISE # 3 : The incredible toolkit you receive has been tried and tested in the real world, by real people. All you have to do is click here to discover these resources for yourself with this incredible Test Drive Offer….. A $1.00 trial of this awesome club.
NO – This is not a MISTAKE – Yes a $1.00 trial !!

I know it is natural be a little skeptical or suspicious of a great offer like this but the reason I am doing this is to have the chance to prove to you that the information I will provide to you is truly unique and powerful. I believe in putting my money where my mouth is and that’s why I am giving you access to the exclusive members area of Wealth Secrets Club in your 30 day trial period.
Why Am I Doing This….
I have spent 20 years sharing with business owners or budding entrepreneurs just like you the strategies, techniques and personal habits that have helped me become successful. My businesses have thrived during three recessions and a huge amount of my success has been due to the fact that I invested in my own education and then applied those powerful lessons in my own businesses.
Now I have created what I believe is an incredible resource to help you achieve your dreams and goals.
If you know that it is time for you to discover what I consider to be PROVEN methods to build cash flow and success in your business. If you would like to be helped just like my other clients in Australia, China, the USA, New Zealand who enjoyed DRAMATIC Results…then you have found the right place.
Now You Can Receive These Incredible Tools Practically for FREE.
I am going to give you an EXTRAORDINARY Opportunity to test drive my strategies…get  access to my exclusive tele-seminars… access to my remarkable information…AND access to my Wealth Secrets Club for less than the price of two stamps!
So I can hear you thinking…  “What’s the catch?”
One of the secrets of my success has been to give my clients great information. I have used this information personally to solve my cash-flow problems in the past and by giving it away it has helped me build a strong relationship with my potential customers. They realize that I am the “Real Deal”.
After more than 20 years of teaching and coaching I have developed a remarkable system that reveals how to increase your clients and fast track your business cash profits. So I put my money where my mouth is and that is why….
I am willing to give you what I believe to be incredibly powerful, income generating tools, strategies and techniques that, I think, can quickly show you how to multiply your profitability because, once you have had $1.00 access to these unique audios, e-books, videos and ‘how to’ guides, you will seriously consider becoming a long-term member of the club.
I know what it is Like to Struggle but Then I Found the Key to Massive Cash-flow…
When I first started in business I was broke and yet I was able to become very successful and teach many others to do the same.
In Wealth Secrets Club I will share with you these powerful breakthroughs, tips and techniques.
One of My Great Secrets to Success
There is something else you should know about me…I am not a fan of working hard…I am a fan of working smart.  Most people work hard and get paid little.  Here you will discover strategies that I believe will show you how to work smarter, work less hours for much greater rewards.
You will discover the ideas, the strategies and the motivation that I believe will help make your dreams a reality!
Click here to discover the INCREDIBLE Test Drive Offer

OK This Is What You Get:
Join Now and You Will Receive a Whole Range of Tools That I Believe Will Help Massively Boost Your Income and it is All Practically For Free………

Your Success Toolkit Includes

* Total Business Success program
* Advanced Cash Generation (already uploaded)
* Teleconferences
* Explosive Business Profits program
* 10 day e-course

PLUS You Will Also Be Receiving These FREE gifts:
□ Special bulletins that will show you how I achieved success. And what you could apply in your life.
□ My powerful email newsletter packed with great money making tips.
Here’s how it all works:
To get your entire FREE Gifts and money making resources plus get FREE access into my elite Wealth Secrets Club – all you have to do is click on the link below

Please read this part carefully – You will get all the resources for $1.00 only for 30 days. After the trial period (so you can see whether you feel this is outstanding value)…we will simply charge you AUD$97.00 per month to continue to gain access to the elite Wealth Secrets Club – where each and every month you will receive this powerful information from me with all the latest income generating techniques PLUS powerful webinar recordings, videos and ‘how to’ guides designed to help you and your business.
The true value of Wealth Secrets Club (monthly mini seminars, the Total Business Success Program, The Monthly Advanced Cash Generating Strategies and much more,) exceeds $347 per month but you only pay $97.00 per month – an incredibly low price and less than the cost of a daily coffee!.
You can of course cancel this at any time and leave any time you want… absolutely no hassles or problems.  And if you do leave ALL of the resources you have received up until that point are yours to KEEP.
Remember the reason that I am giving this remarkable offer is that I know you will recognize the power of the information and jump at the chance of becoming a client for the long term.
Take advantage of this while it is still available.

Warm regards and wishing you every success
Brendan Nichols
P.S. Let’s recap – all you have to do is click on the link below and fill out form and you will get all of these powerful resources (as outlined above).  PLUS you will get a 30 day $1.00 test drive of my Wealth Secrets Club.  After the 30 day $1.00 trial you will continue to receive access to my Wealth Secrets Club where every month you will receive the next layer of powerful tools, techniques and strategies but pay only $97.00 less than the price of a daily coffee! And you can cancel anytime you want …no problems.
P.P.S.Remember your credit card will not be charged the low monthly membership price of AUD$97.00 until after 30 days. If you are not thrilled with what you receive you can cancel your membership by:

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER:We are not providing any form of professional advice and you should obtain professional or specialist advice including legal and accounting advice that is appropriate to your circumstances in relation to anything you read or hear in our presentations.  You also agree to do your own due diligence and apply your own consideration and research before using any of the information provided as each persons situation may be different and we only are generalizing on business ideas.  All of the information is not a substitute for psychological advice or therapy and you should seek appropriate counsel on these matters. We do not guarantee that the information is up to date or applicable to certain countries.
The testimonials, endorsements or income statements and examples in this information do not represent any guarantee that you can or will get the same results.  You understand that all business ventures run the risk of loss of income and capital and that We are not responsible for the success or failure of your business or personal life.

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