Branding Summit 2014

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Branding Summit 2014

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Learn from over 80 world-leading online entrepreneurs who have been just where you are and built amazing profitable personal brands.

You’ll discover exactly how to build your authority and powerful personal brand online (even if you’re starting from scratch and know no one in your field), so that you can make more impact in your business and life.

The foundation of building your personal brand online
Finding your voice, defining your audience & getting ready to launch your brand the to the world
Leveraging content marketing (Blogging, Podcasting, YouTube etc.) to build and grow your online brand
How to use social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn) to market and grow your personal brand
Proven ways to make money from your personal brand with integrity
Real-world personal branding case studies with online entrepreneurs who have done it
And much, MUCH more!

(89 individual videos)
Day 1 – The Foundation for Building Your Personal Brand, Thought Leadership & Audience Building
John Lee Dumas How to Grow an Audience, Create a Product & Sell on a Live Webinar
Mark Schaefer How to Become a Thought Leader in Your Industry
Barry Feldman The A to Z Guide to Personal Branding

Day 2 – Storytelling/Copywriting
Marisa Murgatroyd -How to Use Your Personal Story to Attract Ideal Clients & Grow a Passionate Tribe
Kevin Rogers How to Craft Your 60 Second Sales Hook & Charge Premium Prices
Ryan Hanley How to Use Storytelling to Develop Your Branding Strategy

Day 3 – Networking/Relationship Marketing
Andrew Davis Brandscaping: Unleashing The Power of Partnerships
Jared Easley How to Grow Your Brand and Podcast Audience Through Collaboration
James Swanwick 17 Easy Steps To Build Relationships And Leverage Your Network To Grow Your Business & Brand
Dorie Clark Reinventing Your Personal Brand

Day 4 – Networking/Relationship Marketing & Brand Identity
Susan RoAne How to Work a Room to Help Your Build Your Personal Brand Online & Offline
Primoz Bozic How to Surround Yourself with Successful People & Get Mentored by Influencers (Even If You Hate Networking)
Omar Zenhom How to Create a Brand Identity Guidelines Sheet

Day 5 – Audience Building/Positioning
Corbett Barr Find Your Voice, Define Your Audience & Build a Highly Engaged Tribe of Paying Customers
Nick Reese How to Create Your Ideal Customer Avatar
Ben Krueger Powerhouse Positioning: How to Position Yourself as The Go-to Person In Your Field
Nathalie Lussier Finding Your Voice and Building Your Email List The Right Way

Day 6 – Personal Branding Case Study Interviews
Antonio Centeno How Antonio Built a Very Profitable Online Brand & Engaged Audience with an Email List of Almost 100,000 Subscribers
Caleb Wojcik From Cubicle Renegade to Thriving Online Entrepreneur & DIY Video Guy
Erika Lyremark How Thinking Like a Stripper Can Help You Develop a Confident & Authentic Personal Brand

Day 7 – Personal Branding Case Study Interviews
Mike Michalowicz How to Build Your Personal Brand by Putting Your Profit First
Charles Ngo From Affiliate Marketing Superstar to Building a Highly Engaged Audience & a Profitable Personal Brand Online

Day 8 – Website Design Secrets/Branding
Jenny Blake How to Create an Amazing Personal Branded Website That is 100% YOU!
Greg Merrilees How to Crete a Premium Website That Converts Like Crazy (even if you’re on a budget)
Re Perez How to Create a Game-Changing Personal Brand That Will Help You Attract Your Ideal Clients
Jenna Soard Develop a Visual Story with Characters and Mood Boards to Reach Ideal Clients More Effectively

Day 9 – Launch Your Profitable Personal Brand/Make Money From Your Brand
Natalie Sisson 8 Ways to Monetize Your Personal Brand Online
Mike Kim How to Launch A Profitable Personal Brand …Without Quitting Your Day Job … or Blogging Your Brains Out!
Craig McBreen How to Build a Personal Brand That Will Grow Your Business
Peter Sterlacci 10 Steps to Building Your Powerful Personal Brand Online

Day 10 – Audience Building
Danny Iny How to Build a Highly Engaged Audience For Your Brand from Scratch
Amber Ludwig Build Your Platform, Grow Your Tribe & Monetize Your Brand
Neil Patel How to Build Your Brand & Blog Audience from Scratch

Day 11 – Publicity
Selena Soo How to Elevate Your Brand, Supercharge Your Earnings, and Get Big Opportunities
John Corcoran Guest Blogging Strategies That Helped Get 500 to 1,000 Email Subscribers Per Post
Jill & Josh Stanton Badass Guest Blogging Secrets That Work

Day 12 – Publicity
Andreea Ayers How to Get No-Nonsense Publicity For Your Brand
Christina Daves How to Get FREE Publicity for Your Business & Brand
Kimanzi Constable How to Write Articles That Get Published on Large Websites

Day 13 – Personal Branding Case Study Interviews
James Schramko How to Build a Multiple 7-Figure Business & Brand and Only Work 3 Days a Week
Maria Brilaki Creating Systems to Build Your Brand and Make Your List Building Work For You
Jeet Banerjee How to Build a Profitable Personal Brand From Scratch with No Degree, Experience, or Money

Day 14 – Rapid Listbuilding & Sales Funnels
Bryan Harris Proven Formulas to Skyrocket The Growth of Your Email List
James Clear 3 Tips for Getting Over 100 Subscribers Per Day
Tim Paige Rapid Listbuilding 2.0 For Accelerated Hypergrowth
Jeremy Reeves How to Build a Million Dollar Sales Funnel For Your Brand

Day 15 – Content Marketing: Blogging
Yaro Starak How to Make 100,000 Per Year with Only 200 Blog Visitors a Day
Ana Hoffman How to Build Your Brand & Double Your Blog Traffic in 30 Days
Ian Cleary How to Increase Traffic, Leads & Sales with Your Blog
Leslie Samuel How to Build a Powerful Personal Brand Through The Power of Strategic Blogging

Day 16 – Podcasting
Kris Gilbertson How to Launch a Podcast with a BAAM & Attract 5 Figure Clients
Michael O’Neal Podcasting The Right Way & The Importance of Building a Strong Brand
Meron Bareket How to Build Your Brand’s Audience with Podcasting
Greg Hickman The Importance of Mobile Marketing to Grow Your Online Brand

Day 17 – Online Video/YouTube/Google+ Hangouts
Gideon Shalwick How To Leverage The Power of YouTube to Market and Grow Your Personal Brand Online
Amy Schmittauer How to Vlog Like a Boss & Use Twitter to Build Relationships that Lead to Business
Brandee Sweesy How to Use Google+ Hangouts to Market and Grow Your Brand

Day 18 – Leverage Content Marketing to Market & Grow Your Brand
Brian Dean How to Get 25,000 Unique Visitors to Your Blog Every Month by Publishing Epic Content and Doing Outreach the Right Way
Regina Anaejionu How to Create Killer Content That Drives Traffic and Builds a Thriving Business & Brand From Scratch
Elisa Doucette The Secrets to Creating Compelling Content & Making Words Sexy

Day 19 – Leverage Content Marketing to Market & Grow Your Brand
Rand Fishkin What You Need to Know About SEO in 2015 to Grow Your Online Brand
Andy Crestodina How to Promote Your Content & Grow Your Brand Rapidly
Syed Balkhi How to Grow Your Blog’s Traffic & Monetize Your Brand

Day 20 – Storytelling, Authenticity & Being Yourself
Anaïs Bock [censored] Elimination In Branding
Mars Dorian How to Create an Authentic Brand and Stand Out From The Crowd Online
Srini Rao How to Build an Unmistakably Creative Online Brand

Day 21 – Personal Branding Case Study Interviews
Jeff Rose How Jeff Rose Built a 6 Figure Blog & Brand By Building Relationships with Other Bloggers
Joana Galvao How to Get Big A-list Anchor Clients to Skyrocket Your Business & Brand
Scott Dinsmore How to Build a Community That Grows Your Business & Brand For You

Day 22 – Use Social Media to Market & Grow Your Brand
Rebekah Radice How to Use Social Media the Right Way to Market and Grow Your Personal Brand
Melonie Dodaro How to Use LinkedIn to Build Your Personal Brand Online
Alex Pirouz Discover The 3 Steps to LinkedIn Mastery To Grow Your Personal Brand Online

Day 23 – Google+/FB Ads
Martin Shervington How to Dominate Your Personal Brand Using Google+
Rick Mulready How to Use Facebook Ads to Market and Grow Your Business & Online Brand
Stephanie Sammons How to Use LinkedIn to Build Online Influence

Day 24 – Visual Branding
Sue B. Zimmerman How to Use Instagram to Build and Grow Your Personal Brand Online
Donna Moritz How to Use Visual Content to Get More Shares and Drive More Traffic to Your Blog (+ Grow Your Brand)
Elizabeth Bradley Social Media Engagement From Scratch to Attract Your Ideal Clients & Grow Your Brand

Day 25 – Webinars/Product Launches
Casey Zimmerman Supersize Your Audience With Live Webinars & Create a Product Fast
Aj Amyx How to Launch a Brand, Product or Service in 90 Days
Laura Roeder How to Launch Your First Product (Even If You’re Starting From Scratch!)
Dane Maxwell Topic to be announced soon!

Day 26 – Book Marketing/Publishing
Jesse Krieger How to Build a Book-Based Business & Brand From Scratch
Tyler Wagner How to Self-publish an Amazon Bestseller in 3 Months or Less
Jonny Andrews How to Sell 10,000 Books in 28 Days (even if you haven’t written yours yet)

Day 27 – Public Speaking & Getting Booked Solid With Your Ideal Clients
Jason Billows How to Get Booked Solid with Your Ideal Clients in 6 Months
Matthew Kimberley How to Get More Clients in Under 30 Minutes a Day
Grant Baldwin How to Land Your First Paid Speaking Gig (even if you’re just starting out)

Day 28 – Closing Keynote
Chris Ducker How to Work with Virtual Staff to Manage Your Brand the Smart Way

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    The lessons were clear and easy to understand.

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