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Brad Callen Bryxen – Adwords Domination Masterclass

Brad Callen Bryxen – Adwords Domination Masterclass

Price: $197
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To: Anyone wanting virtually unlimited traffic & sales for their online business.

When I start any online business, there are 3 simple steps I follow:

Step: 1

Find what’s already proven to sell well online.

Step: 2

Create something similar, but better than what’s already being sold.

Step: 3

Find where they’re getting traffic from so I can funnel that traffic to my new and improved offer.

I’ve followed this formula for success dozens and dozens of times over the course of the past 15+ years I’ve been creating and selling products online.

And it works, literally 100% of the time when I don’t stray from the process.

Now, because you’re here, I’m assuming you already have a product that you’re trying to sell, so we can go ahead and skip the first 2 steps and move straight to my favorite, and most important step. Step #3: Find where the competition is getting traffic from so you can funnel that traffic to your own offer instead.

Now, I‘m sure you would agree, and it sounds obvious, but if nobody is visiting your website, then nobody is going to buy your product, right?

However, if you’re getting lots of targeted traffic, specifically the same targeted traffic that your competition has already proven is buying your specific type of product, you WILL make sales

After studying the traffic sources of thousands of different websites over the past 15 years, I can tell you without a shadow of doubt that the #1, and primary source of traffic that million dollar internet businesses use is Google Adwords.

The fact is, those people making multiple millions of dollars a year rely on Google Adwords traffic for the bulk of their sales… and the reason is simple… It works!

And, trust me, if they’re spending that much money every day on Google, they’re making a heck of alot more money from that traffic than what they’re spending.

I know this from lots of experience.

For example, one of my recent online businesses was a skincare company where I sold a product that helps women reduce their under eye bags and puffiness.

I followed the simple 3 step formula I talked about earlier to come up with this product idea.

First, I studied the competition to find what was already selling well online.

I then partnered with a skin care professional and together we developed the product.

Next, I researched where the competition was getting their traffic from and found that nearly all of it came from the Google Display Network (which is Google Adwords).

I then used the strategies I teach in the Google Adwords Domination Masterclass to send massive amounts of targeted traffic to my new and improved skin care offer.I

And my Adwords strategies don’t just work for physical products.

They can also work for digital products. For example, I used Google Adwords to take one of our digital products (an eBook) called Fat Loss Factor to the #1 ranked website in all of Clickbank.com (the world’s largest digital marketplace)

Where it sat for a 2 full years. That product, at its peak, was earning us over $15,000 in a single day! It paid off my house mortgage and allowed me to also pay for my 3 children’s future college tuitions.

Here’s a funny little story just to show you how much traffic and sales a properly structured Google Adwords campaign can send you…

Early on, we decided that we would walk by and press that little button every time we received a sale notification for one of our products.

We would stand up and walk over and press that button once every hour or so. It helped break up the monotonous of the day, allowed us to stretch our backs, and add a little excitement.

Anyway, after we started implementing some of the Google Adwords strategies you’ll learn about in the Adwords Masterclass, we were walking over to that button and pressing it every 5, or so, minutes…

Then, as time went by, that 5 minute wait dropped to 4 minutes… then to 3 minutes.

My business partner ended up moving the button over to his desk because he was tired of standing up. Before we knew it, he was pressing that little cha ching button every 15-20 seconds! It was unreal!

And at that point, believe it or not, we were actually starting to get annoyed that we had to press this little button so frequently. Haha…

I tell you that story, not to brag, but to both, make fun of how ridiculous we were and also show you just how fun AND realistic it is to make so many sales when you leverage the massive power of Google Adwords.

Alright, now at this point, you might be wondering what type of things you’ll learn about in the Google Adwords Domination Masterclass…

You’re going to learn absolutely everything my team has learned in over a decade of using Google Adwords to build and scale a handful of business to over a million dollars a year.

Everything is laid out in a very step-by-step format where we leave no stone unturned.

You’ll walk away knowing exactly what we know. Nothing is held back.

And the strategies taught are the most up to date Adwords traffic strategies you will find anywhere in the world.


Here’s What You’ll Learn In

The AdWords Domination Masterclass…

Section 1 – Introduction

  • How to make sure you understand Google’s goals BEFORE you get started (so you can align your goals and have advertising longevity)
  • How to properly set up and run campaigns that CONVERT
  • How to scale and have long-term success with AdWords (so you can use Google to build multiple online businesses like I did)

Section 2 – Quality Score Secrets

  • How your ad rank is determined by Google’s measurement of 2 key scores on a 1-10 scale (and is actually assigned at the keyword level)
  • How to make sure you get rewarded by Google with higher positions and lower CPC
  • How your landing page, CTR, and Relevance affect your Quality Score (and which one has the BIGGEST impact)
  • 2 ways you can immediately improve your Quality Score
  • And much more!

Section 3 – Google Search Manifesto

  • How to use Google’s Keyword Planner to uncover untapped niche market keywords (and how to figure out which ones are likely to be the most PROFITABLE)
  • The 3 different “layers” of searches people do before buying anything
  • How to identify the “layer” with the most traffic AND the “layer” with the most competition (so you can go after the one with the most traffic and AVOID the one with the most competition)
  • How to prevent the WRONG keywords from sucking your ad budget dry (with useless clicks that won’t convert)
  • And much more!

Section 4 – Display Campaign Domination

  • The 5 questions you need to answer to figure out whether a Google Display Network campaign is best for your product or service
  • How to write high-converting Expanded Text Ads (even if you’re not a writer)
  • The 1 big advantage of using Responsive Ads in your campaign (and the assets you’ll need to quickly create your own)
  • How to properly segment your ads to maximise conversions
  • And much more!

Section 5 – Advanced Targeting Options

  • How to leverage remarketing to increase conversions and decrease your CPC throughout your entire funnel (this strategy even works across multiple different devices)
  • How to create custom Combination Audiences for your remarketing campaigns (so you can target ultra-specific segments of your funnel’s overall traffic)
  • How to use Google’s Affinity and In-Market Audiences to find untapped NEW audiences for your product or service (based on audiences your funnel is ALREADY converting with)
  • And much more!

Section 6 – AdWords Editor

  • How to make bulk changes to your AdWords campaign locally so you can get work done much faster (instead of uploading one change at a time)
  • How to use filters to manage BIG campaigns with 100s of different ad groups (so you can avoid getting bogged down when scaling up a highly successful campaign)
  • When to use Import & Export campaigns (and how you can use them to create “shell” campaigns and quickly recreate your success for another product or service)
  • And much more!

Section 7 & 8 – Adwords Compliance

  • The 3 critical areas of Google AdWords Policy compliance that ANY advertiser must meet
  • Why you need to be fully transparent about “Information Harvesting” (and how just one misstep could suddenly have the Google Policy Team breathing down your neck and even threatening to shut down your account)
  • Why ignoring the Bridge Page and Mirror Page Policies can crush you if you’re doing ANY affiliate marketing on Google
  • How to master compliant copywriting so you can easily sell your product or service on Google without having to worry about breaking any rules (aka the “hot sauce” of Internet Marketing)
  • And much more!

Sign Up For The AdWords Domination Masterclass Today So You Can Tap Into The Biggest Traffic Source On The Planet…

The Adwords Domination Masterclass is a compilation of everything my team and I have learned after spending over 10 years using AdWords to build one profitable business after another…

And when you sign up, you’ll be able to:

  • Tap into the biggest source of traffic on the PLANET
  • Attract 1000s of new leads to your business and build your email list
  • Craft high-converting AdWords campaigns from scratch that generate 100s or even 1000s of new sales each and every day
  • Even launch entirely NEW businesses with the high-quality traffic you can drive from Google (and eventually grow them to the 7 figure mark or beyond, like I did!)


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