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 Blair Warren – Forbidden Keys to Persuasion Audio BookBlair Warren – Forbidden Keys to Persuasion Audio Book

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Some cult leaders and con artists can convince people to do virtually anything while the masses struggle to persuade others in even the most trivial of matters.
What do these people know that the masses do not?
There are parents who have the best intentions toward their children yet lose them, virtually overnight, to gangs whose intentions are anything but honorable. There are truly spiritual people whose messages of hope and love are mocked and ultimately ignored while others who spew messages filled with hate, jealousy and revenge find legions of loyal followers. And there are those who refuse to make regular savings account deposits who will lose it all overnight by going into “business” with someone they’ve met just days before.
What’s going on here?
For years I explored this question, not just by studying cults but also by investigating other areas where similar power reared its head.
I studied confidence men, magicians, comedians, actors, psychotherapists and such looking for the keys to their power. While their motives may be dramatically different, these people also have the ability to forge deep bonds with others and turn these bonds into powerful realms of influence. These are the true masters of persuasion – people who live and die by their ability to touch other people’s lives and move them to act. In other words, to persuade them.
But how do they do it? And more importantly, how can the rest of us utilize such power in ethical ways?
My effort to answer these questions resulted in The Forbidden Keys to Persuasion – a six week e-class taught in 2003 and 2004 for as much as $1,950. Here’s what a few of my students had to say about the course:
Secret Psychological Tactics of Cult Leaders, Conmen and Comedians
The course covered and UNcovered such topics as Psychological Ventriloquism, Gaslighting, Playing Games You Cannot Lose and much more. Most people will never even hear of ideas like these much less ever know how to use them. It also exposes:
* Two ugly truths no one wants to talk about
* Why people don’t respond to “honest” communication and what they WILL respond to
* The Masking of Intent
* The Achilles Heel of the Human Mind
* Our 7 “Hidden” Addictions
* An ad that changed history
* The Mechanics of Cult Mind Control
* How to Create a Context of Power
* The Power of a God Complex
* and much, much more
Some have asked if this material has a particular focus such as copywriting, sales or negotiation. It does not. This material is about persuasion as it applies to a broad spectrum of interpersonal relationships and human communication. In other words, it is not specifically about copywriting, sales, marketing or family relationships, etc. It is about human nature – how to understand it, how to work with it and most importantly, how to turn it to our advantage. So while salesmen, marketers, copywriters and others will certainly profit from it, it is not intended to address any particular area of persuasion over another.
I have used these ideas in my work as a television producer to create numerous television programs and commercials, marketing strategies for our own company as well as those of clients and have used them in my daily life to improve my relationships with family, friends and clients. I cannot imagine an area of interpersonal communication that can’t be transformed by studying this material.
Others have asked how this material compares to other approaches to persuasion such as NLP, Speed Seduction, the work of Robert Cialdini and others.
Except for the fact that they are all related to persuasion, there is little overlap or relationship between them.
Ideas That Are Original, Obscure, Even Outlandish
My material isn’t meant to replace, piggyback or refute any other body of work. There is a lot of good work out there and no one has the monopoly in this area. If you are interested in persuasion, you should study all of it. My work, however, all came from asking a single question:
How do cult leaders and conmen get their victims to willing act against their own self-interests while the rest of us often struggle to influence others in even the most simple of situations?
I believe if we can understand how some people sell death, suicide, promises of UFOs, clones, and other extreme concepts to their followers, we can learn something very powerful about how to sell more traditional ideas and products in our everyday lives. The Forbidden Keys to Persuasion manual covers everything I have learned about this process and how we might use it in positive and powerful ways.
So how do cult leaders, conmen, comedians and others exert such a powerful influence over others? What lies behind their persuasive power? And more importantly, what can the rest of us learn from them? Now’s your chance to find out.
Available for Immediate Download
The original e-class cost $1950. Two years later I sold a privately printed, bound manual for $197. Now, for the first time ever, you can purchase an e-book version of the original class manual and be reading it just minutes from now for just $97.00. This e-book version includes all six lessons from the course, the complete homework assignments, a Q&A and a bibliography.
Personal 100% Money-Back Guarantee
Download your manual now and take up to 60 days to decide if this information is for you. Study the ideas, work the exercises, apply the strategies, and reap the rewards. If you’re not blown away with the power the Forbidden Keys to Persuasion have given you, just say the word and I’ll personally refund every penny of the purchase price.
The e-book is in Adobe PDF format and can be read on both Windows and Macintosh computers using Adobe Reader – a free program you can download here. To make sure you will be able to open the e-book, download the excerpt file below. If you can open this, you’ll be able to open the e-book.

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