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Bill O’Hanlon – Get Your Book Published

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Writing a book and getting it published can change your world.
Having your book out can:
  • Earn you extra income now and in the future
  • Establish your reputation as an expert
  • Result in increased speaking invitations and fees, and more clients.
  • Leave a legacy and make a contribution to others
Your book can change someone’s life . . . someone you’ve never even met
But, beyond all that, your book can change someone’s life.
I will never forget the day I got an email from someone who had read one of my books (Do One Thing Different, the one that got me on Oprah) and told me that it had literally saved her life.
Getting a message like that from someone you never met is one of the greatest feelings in the world.
You may have wanted to write and publish a book but come face to face with barriers and fears that have stopped you:
  • I don’t have enough time
  • I am a nobody, who would want to buy my book?
  • I am disorganized or ADD.
  • I don’t have anything original to say.
  • I have lots of ideas, but I am not sure what my book (or my first book) should be about.
  • Now is not the right time. I’ll wait until I have lots of time, the right computer, have done all the research, know everything about my topic, fix up a writing space, the kids leave home, I retire, etc.
  • I wouldn’t know where to start.
I let some of those things stop or delay me at the beginning too. But because I had delayed, I would get annoyed when I would have a great idea and then see someone else write a book about something similar while I was still procrastinating and “fixing’ to get ready.”
Or to see someone else get to be an expert in some area I knew I could offer something too, but no one knew who I was because I didn’t have a book out.
Let me tell you some of my story about becoming an author.


I have published 36 books of my own (many since this photo was taken) and coached over 150 books from others into publication.
It took me years to write my first book . . .
I started out as an unknown guy from Nebraska, clueless about how to write a book but with an idea that I thought could make a difference.
I had a busy life: a full time practice and four kids at home.
I actually had several ideas for books, but they remained unfocused and in my head. I’m a bit on the ADD side of the spectrum, with lots of ideas, but a bit scattered. I wasn’t a “natural writer” and found the process of writing excruciating.
I didn’t have the first clue about how to write a book or how to get it published.
Because of that cluelessness, it took me years to write my first book and get it published. I wasted a lot of time and went down many blind alleys and dead ends.
And then I wrote another and another and another, until by now I have over 30 books published by mainstream publishers such as W.W. Norton, John Wiley and Sons, Harper Collins, Penguin and others. My books have been translated into 16 languages so far. I have also self-published print and e-books.
I gradually worked out a system for writing more quickly . . .
I gradually worked out a system for writing more quickly and the time it took me to write my books went down from years to months. I typically write a book in several weeks part time these days.
Over time, I worked out 12 Rapid Writing Methods that helped me reduce the time I spent writing my books as well as helping me up with a better, more sellable book in the process.
Seen as an expert . . .
My career path took off in unanticipated directions. Now I was seen as an expert, and was regularly asked to speak and consult without doing any marketing to get those invitations.
Success as an author brought many unintended but happy consequences. Readers wrote to tell me my books changed their lives in ways I never imagined possible. I was able to help many more people than I had been able to just working one on one with people as a psychotherapist.
And I made money, both directly from book royalties and indirectly from increased speaking invitations and fees and sales of book-related products and services. I now have a nice supplemental retirement income if I ever decide to stop working actively.
I now work fewer hours than before and have more time for my loved ones and my self care (I exercise regularly, get a good night’s sleep, and play music daily, as well as read several books a week).


The first person I formally coached was my friend and colleague Warren Berland. He was telling me about an innovative therapy technique he had come up with and I said:
“Warren, you have to write a book about that!”
He looked at me as if I had two heads! “That’s what you do, Bill. I wouldn’t know the first thing about writing and publishing a book. I’ve never written anything.”
“That’s okay, Warren. I know exactly how to get a book written and published and I’ll help you.”
I did and Warren’s book, Out of the Box For Life, was picked up by an agent and published by Harper Collins, with an advance of tens of thousands of dollars.
Pretty soon others were asking me if I could help them get their books written and published, and remembering the discouraging and frustrating time I had figuring it all out, I started helping them with the system I developed until by now I have coached over 150 books into publication from my students and coaching clients. Some decide to self-publish, which is quick and easy these days, and some decide to seek a publisher.
One of my favorite students and coaching clients was Laura Crawshaw, who followed the system I taught her to get her book written and published (it is called Taming the Abrasive Manager, published by Jossey-Bass). Not only did having her book out increase her consulting and coaching clients, but it led to speaking engagements all over the world and the establishment of coaching institutes in several countries where people can learn her method for helping difficult executives.
Other students and clients have discovered that through their books, they can earn extra income now and in the future, establish their reputations as experts, develop speaking careers or increase their speaking income and find fulfillment through getting their ideas out into the world where they can help others. More than that, they feel an increased sense of confidence after they become authors.
So I decided to put all my knowledge of over 30 years experience writing and publishing books and coaching others into an online course to help you get your book written in months (rather than the years it used to take me for my first books) and to get your book published and sold.



I came across an idea some time ago: Either you get the results you are after or you get the reasons why you didn’t get the results. The reasons why are the booby prize.
In coaching people who long to write a book over the years, I have found that people are left with the reason why they haven’t written their books yet all too often. I call these the “reasons why not.”
Here are the common ones I have heard and my responses:
  • I’m too busy (You and everyone else. If you want something done, as they say, give it to a busy person. If you can write five emails a day, you can write the same amount of words on your book per day and have it finished in months. 
And to take away this concern, I have created a mini-course as a bonus designed to help you free up 3+ hours a week, more than enough time to do the course and to write your book. I’ll also share with you the “12 Rapid Writing Methods” that have allowed me and my students to write books part time in months instead of years.)
  • I’m a nobody! Who would buy or read my book? (Most authors start off as unknowns. I’ll bet you don’t know the names of the authors of many books you have bought and enjoyed. I will show you how to make yourself and your book more visible in this course. And I have created another bonus mini-course about becoming a recognized expert and becoming more visible that will help with that.)
  • I don’t know where to start. (That is true for anything new you tackle. Luckily I do know where to start and will show you exactly where in this course.)
  • I’m not sure my book is commercial enough. (I will show you how to shape your book to make it commercial without selling your soul or changing the essence of the book.)
  • I’m ADD or disorganized. (I’m prone to disorganization and impulsiveness too and have discovered ways to manage that and get over 30 books written and published. I’ll share with you my methods and secrets for writing quickly and focusing yourself and your book.)
  • I have lots of ideas, but I am not sure if I have a book or which idea I should write about. (That is where I started, with five book ideas. I will show you how to take the mass of ideas you have, figure out which one will be the easiest, fastest and best to write and craft it into a coherent book.)
From “it won’t work for me” to getting published this year . . .
You may have other reasons why you haven’t written your book, but I can tell you I have heard most every one and after all the “reasons why not” are gone, my students go on to write their books. You just need the right guidance and instruction to get your book written and published.
You may have all sorts of reasons why you are thinking this course “won’t work for me.” If you are letting these reasons stop you from taking the course and getting your book out this year, you are robbing yourself and others from the contribution your book might make.
You could be setting up a life of bigger contribution and impact, more income and more fulfillment right now. Let’s get you over those reasons “why not” and “why it won’t work for me,” and get that book out there in the world. I promise you you can write and publish your book with some effort and investment on your part and with the guidance, accountability, structure and motivation the course will provide.


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