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Beth Ann – Fb Brilliance


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From Overwhelmed to Brilliant Growth Strategy in 60 Days or Less

Hey there Mamapreneur,
I see you…working your buns off at naptime and bedtime…trying every growth strategy you can think of.
I see you…wondering if this biz thing of yours is ever going to get off the ground…knowing in your heart of hearts that you DO have what it takes. Things just haven’t quite clicked yet.
I see you…being brilliant and fabulous…wondering why the heck your fabulousness doesn’t seem to be translating into sales. (So frustrating!)
But what if you could get your business in front of thousands of eager eyes every single day?
What if you were able to spend your time fulfilling orders, reaching new people with your courses or services, and responding to fan mail?
And what if you could kiss overwhelm goodbye and say hello to a growth strategy with unlimited potential?
Friend, that scenario isn’t just a pipe dream. I’ve seen it happen for me and many of my students inside FB Brilliance.
I’m a Mamapreneur working in the margins just like you. You’ll often see my baby make a cameo on Facebook Live or hear my six-year old doing stunts while I host a podcast interview!
And I used to think that the only way to get ahead was to hustle as hard as I could. I thought for sure that being successful was all about putting in more time and trying more strategies than the other guys.
When I first started out in online business in 2012, I tried EVERYTHING to get ahead. I blogged and created new shop listings like a maniac. I guest-posted, gave products away for reviews, and liked, shared, and commented my way through every day…trying to gain some traction.
Three years later…and my monthly sales were increasing at a snail’s pace.
I worked my buns off, but I couldn’t figure out how to make the consistent sales I was longing for.
I started studying the most successful online businesses, and I noticed something… they weren’t trying 100 different strategies a day, and they sure didn’t seem stressed out and overwhelmed!
That’s because they were using Facebook ads to get ahead!
From my favorite shops to my favorite bloggers and everything in between, they were all blowing past six figures to become million-dollar businesses, and they were using Facebook ads to do it.
At first, I was skeptical. How could a tiny business, with only a few dollars to spare each month, use Facebook ads to make more sales?
But I dug in and learned everything I could. I tested, tweaked, and tested again, and in just a few years, I’ve taken my little business from a meager $2,000/month in sales to $40,000/month in sales and more!
It still feels like a dream come true, and it’s more than I ever imagined was possible when I first started using Facebook ads.
I want this to be your story too!
Friend, you’re brilliant and creative. Your business isn’t lacking in sales because you’re lacking in talent or skill. You’re AMAZING! You’ve just been spending too much time trying out every strategy under the sun instead of focusing on the ONE thing that will bring you lasting results.
I want to teach you all about that ONE thing so you and your business can kick butt and take names. It’s time to shine, Mamapreneur!

15 Brilliant Modules to take you from Overwhelmed to Customer-Attracting Pro in 60 Days or Less


  • Discover who your perfect customer is and where to find them on Facebook in Module 1. These trainings lay the foundation for successful marketing – both on Facebook and anywhere else you’re interacting with your customers!
  • Module 2 will help you finally get clear on the Facebook Pixel + why you need this incredible marketing tool in your life! I’ll walk you through step-by-step, even if tech isn’t your favorite thing. Shopify Store owners, most of you have your pixel set up incorrectly, and it’s costing you sales!
  • Campaign options have you feeling lost? I’ve got you covered in Module 3. Learn which campaign structures really work and get results, plus the prep work and metrics you need to look for. (This module also contains loads of bonus trainings on email marketing and setting up your email list and freebies!)
  • In Module 4 you’ll learn how to attract your perfect customer with your ad copy. This is a game-changer for creating low-cost ads that get results.
  • In Module 5, we’ll add the cherry on top of your brilliant copy with an image that catches attention and communicates what your brilliant product or freebie is all about!
  • Lay the foundation for becoming a Power Editor Pro in Module 6. Ad sets, ads, campaigns, and budgets have you totally lost? It’s all broken down for you in Module 6 so you’ll never stumble around awkwardly inside Power Editor again.
  • In Module 7 I’ve got some fabulous shortcuts to make your marketing simpler and quicker. You’ll be creating campaigns with multiple ads and ad sets in no time flat!


Oh wait, you thought that was all? FB Brilliance has 14 incredible modules designed just for you! Here’s what you’ll discover in the second half of the course!
  • One of the fastest ways to earn more income for your business is to close the loop for a potential customer. I’ll show you how to do just that by getting back in front of your customer exactly where they love to hang out most — in their Facebook and Instagram feeds! Module 8 is all about retargeting campaigns, and when you learn retargeting from me, you’ll learn how to have potential customers giving your ads all the heart eyes instead of saying ewwww leave me alone! (So many marketers get retargeting so wrong… not you, brilliant lady!)
  • Let’s be honest, growing a business is about the money honey (it wouldn’t be a biz if it wasn’t!). In Module 9 you’ll learn how to turn all that crazy Facebook data into tweaks and changes that bring in more cash.
  • Once you’ve built up a base of website visitors, subscribers, and happy customers (cause hello… you’ve already implemented Modules 1-9!) I’ll show you how to take your ads game to the next level with Lookalike Audiences. Duuuude, my friend. That’s all I gotta say, because now you’ll have millions of interested people at your fingertips (and you won’t be competing over them 1 for 1 the way you do with those cold targeting interests!)
  • Ok, enough data, it’s time to get creative and add a little flash to your ads game! In Module 11, you’ll learn all about Instagram Ads, Instagram Stories Ads (so few people are using these… that’s why they’re working GREAT for me!) and Carousel ads. I can’t wait to show you how to use these more creative placements and ad formats to wow your customers!
  • Module 12 is an in depth look at video ads – you’ll love how powerful these ads are…and I promise, they aren’t as hard as you think.
  • Ready to grow your email list but NOT ready to spend hours creating fancy landing pages? Module 13 is for you! You’ll learn how to collect new email subscribers easy-peasy with Lead Ads.
  • And…. drumroll please…. I’m so excited about Module 14! I’ve been using Messenger ads and they’re an incredible way to get in front of your potential customers! My open and clickthrough rates on messenger are through the roof, and I can’t wait to help you jump aboard this fabulous new way to connect with your people!
Learn how to throw your product the party it deserves! You’ll get a fully laid out plan for launching (or relaunching) your product or service in a 3 hour class… plus, a bonus Q & A session, landing page and email templates, checklists and tons of great examples. A fabulous launch earns you loyal customers, and of course, sales!
When you combine a brilliant product launch with everything you’re learning about Facebook ads, you’ll be unstoppable, friend! I’m SO excited for you to have the entire framework for steady sales with this mini course + ads.

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  1. Matthew Thomas (verified owner)

    The practical examples made it easy to understand the concepts.

  2. James Rodriguez (verified owner)

    A fantastic resource for beginners. Easy to follow and very informative.

  3. Emily Roberts (verified owner)

    The content was high-quality and well-organized.

  4. Andrew Lee (verified owner)

    A must-have for anyone serious about learning this topic.

  5. Kimberly Lewis (verified owner)

    This course is a great resource for anyone looking to learn this topic.

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