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Beth Ann - Brilliant Pinning

Beth Ann – Brilliant Pinning


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Hi there! It’s so nice to meet you! I’m Beth Anne Schwamberger, and I’m a mom, wife, blogger, podcaster, online shop owner, and the creator of Brilliant Pinning. When it comes to online business, I….sort of do it all!

My love of Pinterest started in the Fall of 2015. I launched a brand new online shop, and I had no idea how I would drive enough traffic to it to make sales.

I spent 15 months guest posting and begging people for shares to get my first 10,000 pageviews per month on my blog. But after digging into Pinterest, I nearly tripled my pageviews in just a few months’ time.

After trying giveaways, blog features, sponsored videos and Instagram posts, Pinterest stood out among every other marketing tactic I tried as the easiest way to get traffic for both my shop and blog.

Within a few months, I grew my blog traffic by 3X and started earning email subscribers at a steady rate each day. I took my shop traffic from zero to over 9,000 visitors that first month.

Best of all, I took my business from struggling to six figures in less than a year. I owe a lot of that growth to Pinterest!

I want to help you get these these kind of results too! I know they’re possible, because when I started using Pinterest for my business, I started completely from scratch. I didn’t have loads of blog traffic or a huge following elsewhere to help me out.

Join me and over 1,000 other happy students inside Brilliant Pinning.

This isn’t one of those courses that talks a big talk, has a big price-tag, and then delivers the same old general advice you’ve read everywhere else online. Brilliant Pinning is a comprehensive course that will walk you through every single step you need to follow to set your Pinterest marketing plan on autopilot.

I can’t wait to help you grow your business with Pinterest and breathe easy because you’re not stressing about traffic anymore. You got this, Brilliant Lady! Just click the buy button and you’re in!

  • 46 Lessons + Bonuses
  • Over 10 Hours of Detailed Video Tutorials
  • A Comprehensive Action Plan to Grow Your Business on Autopilot
  • A Growth Strategy that works for Bloggers, Shop Owners, and Any Online Business Owner Ready to Double Their Traffic!


Go beyond learning and take action with brilliant worksheets.

No matter how you learn best, you’ll find what you need inside the course. Every video has complete transcripts so you can quickly and easily review specific teaching points.

Case Studies

Real business owners show how Brilliant Pinning has grown their email lists, multiplied their traffic, and generated passive income streams. You don’t have to take our word for it–this system works!

$197 Value

Brilliant Style Guide

16 pages of stunning photos, color codes, and font pairings to inspire your own brand. You need a clear and cohesive color and font palette so your followers and customers instantly recognize all your fabulous content.

Use this one-of-a-kind style guide to set your business apart from the rest, without spending big bucks on a designer.

$27 value

How to Set Up a Facebook Retargeting Campaign

Learn how to get back in front of your Pinterest traffic and turn those site visitors into customers!


$97 value

Quickstart Guide to Pinterest

Over 100 questions asked and answered! From pins and boards, to images and your business account, find the answers you’ve been looking for, all in one place.

$47 value

2000 Free Pins with BoardBooster

We’ve partnered with BoardBooster to bring new BoardBooster customers the best deal we’ve seen! An Extended Free Trial + 2,000 Free Pins! This gives you time to go through the course and try out all of BoardBooster’s fabulous features to put your pinning on autopilot!

Note: This offer does not apply to existing BoardBooster users.

The 3-Step Formula to Gaining Pinterest Followers Fast

It’s not magic, just a proven strategy. Discover the secret sauce to quickly gaining a following on Pinterest.

$27 Value

Promoted Pin Examples PDF

If you’re new to Promoted Pins, you’ll love this book of samples! We’ve gathered some of our favorite Promoted Pins from small businesses and well known brands to show you their strategies, images, and ideas.

$27 value


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