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Benji And Evan - Amazon FBA Secrets 3.0

Benji And Evan – Amazon FBA Secrets 3.0

Price: $2997
Sale Page: fbafreedomformula.clickfunnels.com/sales-page20078653
Archive: archive.is/VryVv


Here is EVERYTHING You Get Access to TODAY in this Memorial Day Special ULTIMATE Quiz Funnel Bundle

Quiz Funnel Secrets (Value $499)
The ULTIMATE Quiz Clinic (Value $999)
Underground Quiz CASE STUDIES (Value $599)
PLUS: Brand New BucketCON 2018 Training:
NEW! How to Implement FB Pixel Segmentation (Value $399)
NEW! Before & After Quiz Funnel SPLIT TESTS (Value $499)

The ULTIMATE Quiz Funnel Bundle:

Discover How To Use The Power of List-Building Quiz Funnels To Quickly Build a Large Email List & EXPLODE Your Business Step-by-Step with Actual REAL-LIFE ASK Method & Bucket.io Quiz Funnel Examples, including:

“Starting from scratch” Quiz Funnel

How to Build a 6-Figure Quiz in a Brand New Market with No Experience, No Credibility, and Zero Expertise.

“Monster Results” Quiz Funnel

How to Generate 2.3 Million Email Subscribers and over $10M in < 18 months.

“Replace Your Income” Quiz Funnel

How to Generate $2.00 in Revenue for every $1.00 spent in advertising and Replace Your Full-Time Income in the Process.

“Weird Niche” Quiz Funnel

How to Generate 11,242 email subscribers and $63,434K/Month on Facebook Traffic in a Random Obscure Niche

“High Ticket” Quiz Funnel

How to Use a Quiz to Go From Selling $47 Low-Ticket Products to Ultra-Profitable $5000+ High-Ticket Programs

B2B” Quiz Funnel

How to build a B2B “Assessment” Quiz that generates over $500K/year in revenue in B2B Markets

1 – QUIZ Funnel Secrets

6 Powerful Lessons From The Trenches With Examples and Immediate Next Steps You Can Take Action on Today…

2 – The ULTIMATE Quiz Funnel Clinic:

How To Design a VIRAL Quiz Funnel Step-by-Step Including the 3 Quiz Frameworks and the 5 Biggest Mistakes People Make (and How to Avoid Them…)

3 – Underground QUIZ Funnel Case Studies REVEALED

Discover 6 Quiz Funnels That Have Generated From $100,000 to Over $14 million + in “Weird” Niche Markets That Have Nothing To Do With How To Make Money…

4 – Training: Facebook Pixel Segmentation Step-by-Step
Discover How to Implement the Same FB Pixel Segmentation Strategy Step-by-Step that this Case Study Used to Cut Their Cost-Per-Lead by 22.6% in Less than One Week…

5 – Training: 2018 Before & After Quiz Funnel SPLIT TESTS

iscover 17 BRAND NEW Before & After Quiz Funnel Split-Test Results That Have Increased Opt-In Rates between 23.6% and 217% and Have Taken Return on Adspend from 86.2% to as much as 141.6%!…

Because this is a ridiculous steal of a deal there are NO refunds with this. If you don’t know the quality of my training and know just how far I go to provide value, then this deal is not for you.

However, if you are ready to take your business to the next level and want to take advantage of this over the top ridiculous offer…WHAT IS

The 2018 FBA Masterclass is an 8 week online program with the sole goal of quickly creating a profitable Amazon FBA business, and turning it into a long-term, profitable brand in as short of time as possible.

With step-by-step proven methods DIRECTLY taught by 6-figure Amazon FBA empire builders Evan Walton and Benji Wilson.

Upon purchase you will get immediate access to the entire program which begins by showing you step by step how to discover and validate your first profitable FBA product to launch. You will then learn how to use our Snowball Launch Methods and the Page Ascension Principles to launch your new product to the top of the Amazon listings.

Since we too were beginners not too long ago, this is 100% beginner friendly to ensure that you can follow the blueprints included step by step.

This program is designed to work for a total novice without any prior experience BUT also has training modules that will help those sellers already netting 6 figures a year in passive income, and looking to further automate and geometrically grow their profits.

Throughout the 8 week course, you will get everything you need to create, grow and automate an Amazon FBA business from any country in the world.

We teach you the entire SYSTEM, rather than just a bunch of tactics, so that you get the entire picture… And are able to maneuver, react, and most importantly… Profit with the pros from day 1.

Special Webinar Offer – Expiring Soon.

  • The Most Complete Amazon FBA Training Package
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • The 2018 Amazon FBA Masterclass ($2997)
  • Access to the Private Mastermind Community ($997)
  • Access to our Private Resource Vault ($1997)
  • 45-Day Live Transparent Product Launch ($5997)
  • Micro-Budget Launch System ($997)
  • Automated Customer Social Media Funnels ($997)

Week One

Introduction To Amazon FBA

No experience on the internet or product idea necessary… In Week 1, you will understand the entire FBA process step-by-step and be ready to start selling as soon as possible. You’ll know how to start a business from scratch and how you can use someone else’s success to your advantage.聽

  • Complete Walkthrough of the Amazon FBA process!
  • How to get started even with no prior Amazon experience or idea!
  • Remove all overwhelm and confusion in starting your brand!

Week Two

Perfect Product Selection

Most Amazon Products Fail. Follow the step-by-step winning product formula spelled out for you in Week Two, and you will know how to choose an Amazon product that will make you money for the next 30 years. Discover how to use your competitors’ money and research against them to create the perfect product for your audience.

  • 100% foolproof product selection criteria and examples!
  • How to be certain that your item will sell before you spend any money!
  • The exact the science between a winning and a saturated niche!

Week Three

Create An Irresistible Offer

In order to ensure your product listing makes hundreds of organic sales every day, you need to follow the steps in week 3 and make incredibly small and easy modifications to your product in order to have people ditching your competitors and buying your product.

  • Slightly tweak your product to organically outperform your competitors!
  • Use your competitors’ customersto easily create an amazing product!
  • Guarantee yourself the best product in your Amazon niche!

Week Four

Finding A Trusted Supplier

Exactly how to find, negotiate, and source your product from the world’s most trustworthy suppliers. We’ll give you the exact templates we use, teach you how to negotiate the best price, and how to make sure you stock is always delivered as expected and on time to the Amazon Warehouse.

  • Quickly & effortlessly find the perfect supplier create your product!
  • Avoid scammers and low quality factories who underdeliver!
  • Automate your inventory and never run out of stock!


Week Five

Create The Perfect Amazon Listing

Follow our flawless listing checklist to create a 10/10 listing quality score and have Amazon’s algorithms rank your faster and higher. You will also learn about the 5-keys to skyrocket your product sales conversion rate that your competitors are failing to implement.

  • Hack Amazon’s A9 Algorithmrank #1 on Search Results!
  • Double your click-throughand sales with the 6-step perfect listing!
  • Skyrocket your sales conversion with the incredible images blueprint!

Week Six

Launch to the Top Of Amazon Search

We’ve analyzed thousands of Amazon product launches, and seen what does and does not work. In this week, we reveal scientifically how to build a build a snowball of sales momentum from day 1 so you can rapidly climb the Amazon rankings and dominate Amazon’s most profitable keywords.

  • Snowball launch your product to build your sales momentum from day 1!
  • Rank Top 5 for highly profitable keywords for immediate organic sales!
  • #1 New Release Badge: How to quickly win it for your category!

Week Seven

Siphon Your Competitors Sales

Ethically steal your competitors customers and sales by earning valuable listing real estate on their own listing! We will show you how to expand your Amazon product web to have thousands of customers funneling back from competitors to buy your listing every day.

  • Instantly appear above your competition in Amazon’s search results!
  • Steal priceless real estate directly from your competitors’ listings!
  • Winning with a superior offer so buying your product becomes a no-brainer!

Week Eight

Scaling to a Million Dollar Brand

Rinse and repeat the process to become one of Amazon FBA’s most profitable sellers. People making millions of dollars a year have followed this process over and over to build up a strong and popular brand that offers 5-10 high quality products.

  • Rinse and repeatthe insanely profitable process over and over!
  • Leverage past success to skyrocket your second product’s sales!
  • Diversify and Automateyour sales and growth with beginner systems!

Bonus Week

The Entire Technical Process Revealed

The Amazon FBA process can be overwhelming and confusing when beginning. We make sure we break down all the complicated processes and technical jargon to make sure that you don’t get stuck on the same hurdles that prevent most beginners from launching a successful brand.

Get instant access to our own personal FBA resources that we used in launching over 20 successful products on Amazon. We have trustworthy contacts, email templates, product finder software and so much more!

  • Barcoding, shipping and all the broken down into digestible lectures!
  • Business and taxes explained and simplified!
  • Sell from anywhere in the world set up your brand from outside the USA!




Our FBA Private Resource Vault

Get access to every single template, word for word script, freight forwarder, designer, and service that we have used to create our own massive brands after 15 months of testing and re-testing… And plug your business straight into this network to rapidly duplicate our results without the same hairpulling.

  • Free software and templates that we personally use when finding products!
  • The golden email template to double your 5-star reviews immediately!
  • Done for you calculators, supplier outreach email templates, and infographics!


Mastermind Community Access

Our Private FBA Facebook community is full of thousands of Amazon sellers and action takers who are there to support and advise you in every step of the product launching process. Plug into this incredible community and start making friends and getting advice immediately.

  • Private Facebook group full of experienced Amazon entrepreneurs!
  • All your questions answered by those who have done it before!
  • Supportive Community full of friends who want to see you succeed!


Our Proven Micro-Budget System

Watch along as I show you the exact techniques I used to launch my first product with just $1500 into an Amazon Best Seller and a reliable source of income that made me $13,000 per month within 4 months of selling.

  • Launch your first productwith as little as $1000!
  • How Benji flipped $1500 to $33,000 in just 4 months!
  • Setup Automated Sniper PPC Ads that earn 10x what you spend!


Automated Customer Funnels

Build a brand around your product and leverage underpriced social influencers and social media marketing strategies to ensure you are getting hundreds of relevant customers seeing and buying your product every day!

  • Grow your brand leveraging the incredible power of social media!
  • Make 10+ sales everyday on autopilot from your funnels!
  • Guaranteed targeted customers buying your product!


The Competition Hacking Blueprint

Learn how to identify a massive opportunity in a winning Amazon market by leveraging other listings’ success. Piggyback off your competitors to launch into a market that guarantees your success before you invest any money!

  • Ethically hack your competitors products and instantly steal their sales!
  • Find weaknesses in markets that are wide open for you to exploit!
  • Use competitors customers to skyrocket your product offer!




  • Monthly Group Coaching To Ask All Your Questions
  • Private Mastermind Of Successful Amazon Sellers
  • Facebook Group Access to Us and Our Coaching team


  • Full Interviews of Successful Amazon Secret Students
  • Learn From Students Making $10k+ A Month
  • Free 1-on-1 Coaching call when you reach $10,000!


  • Join Live Monthly Interactive Zoom Coaching Calls
  • Access The Complete Library of Past Coaching Sessions
  • Ask All Your Questions Directly to  Evan and Benji


  • Get the Best “Write Your Own Rules” T-Shirt
  • We Ship This To You Completely Free As A Bonus
  • Take A Photo of Your Shirt and Post In the Facebook Group


  • Rank Your Product First For Your Amazon FBA Keyword
  • Advanced Amazon A9 Algorithm Breakdown and Analysis
  • Nail The 2 Biggest Amazon SEO Factors


  • 6-hour Complete Instagram For Business Training
  • Build a Brand On Instagram From 0 to 10,000 Followers
  • Leverage Your Instagram Brand to Sell AMZ Products


  • No other Amazon Resource is Teaching This Strategy
  • Your Amazon Product Web Drives 400% More Traffic
  • Own Amazon’s Most Valuable Virtual Real Estate


  • We Update Our Training and Strategies Every Single Month
  • Guaranteed The LATEST Cutting Edge FBA Strategies
  • Be an Amazon Secrets Community Member Forever


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