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Entrepreneurs who want to have a relationship with their customers (because they respect them and actually love

Ben Adkins – Email Inception Master Class

Price:  $299
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What is “Email Inception”?
It’s a method that you can use to get someone to actually consider something that they might not have otherwise given a second thought to.

In short… This is a method to get someone to break out of their normal thinking patterns and to really use their mind to explore an issue. (and couldn’t we use a lot more of people actually thinking things through?… especially during this election cycle… no matter who they support at a gut level.)

First off… Who is it Not For?

  • Email Inception is not for newbies.
  • It’s not for folks who don’t have an email list.
  • It’s not for folks who want to manipulate their customers.
  • It’s not for anyone who thinks “get rich quick” is a real thing.

Who is it For?

  • Entrepreneurs who want to have a relationship with their customers (because they respect them and actually love communicating with them).
  • People who only sell things that they believe in.
  • People who want to sell more of affiliate offers.
  • People who want to sell higher ticket product (this isn’t about selling $10 products… although it does work for that… this is for $200+ products)
  • People who RESPECT the HECK out of the people on the other end of their email list and want to communicate the VALUE of their Product More Effectively.

That said… Let’s talk about the Elephant in the Room…

Why Only 100 Seats for Email Inception?

Because this training isn’t for Beginners… and there is a certain amount of information that I don’t want the entire world to know about.

And more importantly….
When we sell the 100 spots for the live training…. this isn’t something that I am ever going to sell publicly again (Thats a Promise and You’ve Probably seen me do this a few times in the past.) We’re not talking about raising the price once we sell out…. I’m promising that this won’t be sold again.

With That out of The Way…
What Will You Learn inside if You’re 1 of the 100 that Gets Inside?

What You’ll Learn on the Live “Email Inception” Master Class:

  • How to Warm up a Cold Prospect so that they Know They Matter.
    There is a right way to introduce yourself and tell your email subscribers who you are and what you believe in (this is so important). If you do this right you will repel the “wrong people” and the “right people” will instantly start to love getting emails from you.
  • How Often You Should Mail Your List to Stay Relevant.
    I get this question a lot and I’m going to answer it once and for all and explain why you should be mailing at a specific frequency.
  • How to Generate “Pattern Interrupts” that Get Emails Opened and Read.
    If you’ve ever wondered where I come up with the stories that I tell in my emails, you’re about to get the formula. This is how you write emails that are honest, make sense, set people up to understand your product and sale, and represent who you are at the same time.
  • How to Write an “Inception Email Sequence”.
    This is the big one… I’m going to show you how to write an entire sequence and maximize the “bang” from each email. Not every email is designed to sell in this sequence, but each email is designed to setup the sale in a way that isn’t pushy (unless it needs to be… and even then do it in a cool way).
  • The Secret to Subject Lines that get Opened.
    I’ll keep this short… but you’ve seen crappy subject lines… and you’ve seen subject lines that seem like they were written by someone who was actually writing “just to you”….. I’ll show you how to keep them interesting and personal…. and how to do it over and over.
  • How to Incorporate Really Good Stories in Your Emails.
    This is so important. If you can write a good story, people will open up your emails (even if they aren’t going to buy something from you that week/month). Keeping in touch with people is important even when they don’t buy… this time. Stories make this possible.
  • How to Write Cliffhangers.
    Have you ever wondered why you got excited about reading a certain person’s emails over and over again… it’s because they have mastered this. I’ll show you how to do it.
  • The Stupid Trick that Double Your Response Rate.
    This one is super simple. But it makes a world of difference. I’ll show you how.
  • The “Celebrity Sighting” Email Opener.
    When you understand this and start using it in your emails, nothing is ever the same. I’ll show you how I do it and how you can too.
  • The Reason Why Sales Letters Aren’t Enough.
    Sales Letters are great, but they don’t make as much difference as you might think. I’ll show you how to match a sales letter to your emails so that the email does the majority of the selling for you. (this is important when you promote something and the sales letter is weak… but the product is great).
  • The “Why People Buy” Pyramid
    Why do people buy? Pin this up above your desk and you’ll never forget it. Check all the boxes on this list on every sale and you’ll be surprised how much easier selling is.
  • The “Format Like a Weirdo” Trick
    You’ve seen me do this… it might have even annoyed you a little bit (but it’s important and I’ll show you how and why I do it)
  • The Every Email Checklist.
    In short…. Pin this one above your desk too… and follow it on every email campaign that you write. Not only will your response rate go up on each email, but you’ll start creating subscribers that really care about you. (DO NOT TAKE THIS LIGHTLY)

And… As a Bonus….
I’m also going to walk all 100 people through….

  • 3 Real Email Inception Campaigns that Crushed for Me.
    I’ll walk you through 3 Email Inception Based Campaigns that have been extremely successful for me and show you why.
  • My Bridge Page Template.
    Never send directly to an affiliate link from an email…. ever. Instead Use this Easy to Setup and Tweak Template. (this is worth the entire price of the Master Class).

What will You Get Out of This?
When you go through this training and you use the tricks, tactics, and resources that I’m going to give you, you’re going to be able to write 5-8 emails that:

  1. Get the attention of your Email List Subscribers.
  2. Captivate them using Off the Wall Stories.
  3. Get them Thinking About a Problem in the Way You Want them to.
  4. Predispose them to being open to Purchasing a Product From You.
  5. Explain Why Your Product is a Good Fit… Better than Ever Before.
  6. Transition them from a Reader to a Buyer.
  7. Get them Excited to See Your Name Show Up in their Inbox.
  8. Sell More than One Product to Them. (but do it ethically)

If you’re Ready…. Click Here and Sign Up Now.
(there is no sales page… read above for all details)

Email Inception is Not for Everyone.

All 100 Seats will be Sold for $299.95 and when they are gone… I won’t be selling this again.

For those of you that make it inside… I am so excited to teach you this. You’ve seen me do this at least 100x in the past. I can’t wait for you to see how it all comes together and for you to start using this in your business.


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