Bedros Keuilian – Fitness Business Summit


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                                                             Bedros Keuilian – Fitness Business Summit 2015

Bedros Keuilian – Fitness Business Summit 2015

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Product Description

Meet the Fitness Business Summit 15 presenters…

Todd Durkin

How to ignite your passion and deliver superior training

Stephan Jepson

Functional training secrets to never grow old

Nisan Trotter

Building your business around your fitness passion

Matt Wilber

How to get 107 new clients in the first two weeks

Megan Kruger

The secret to getting boat loads of clients referrals

Rick Kaselj

How to tap into the online marketing and affiliate world for maximum sales

Jason Ferruggia

How to run a successful fitness business on your terms

Ben Pakulski – IFBB Pro

How to build a 7 figure fitness business working part time

Derek Wahler

How to turn your fitness passion into fitness profits

Joshua Carter

New fitness marketing secrets and strategies that generate leads and clients from Facebook

Craig Ballantyne

How to productize your knowledge and turn it into an online information product

Cabel McElderry

How to create systems that drive success

Denise Harty

Making the mental shift and making it in the fitness industry

Bryce Henson

How to open up multiple fitness training centers in two years

Bedros Keuilian


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