Bank Modeling – Breaking Into Wall Street

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Breaking Into Wall Street - Bank Modeling

Bank Modeling – Breaking Into Wall Street

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How to Master Bank and Financial Institution Valuation and Financial Modeling, Dominate Your Investment Banking Interviews, and Succeed On The Job

The Breaking Into Wall Street Bank & Financial Institution
Modeling Course is hands-down the fastest way to master
real-world bank modeling and valuation, with step-by-step
video tutorials, case studies of Shawbrook and JP Morgan /
SunTrust Banks, a detailed stock pitch and equity research
report, an IB pitch book, and more – plus lifetime expert
support and an unconditional money-back guarantee.

What You Get… And What the BIWS Bank & Financial
Institution Modeling Course
Will Do For You

This course provides advanced training for both new and experienced professionals. The Bank & Financial Institution Modeling course is perfect for you if:

  • You already know the fundamentals of accounting, valuation, and financial modeling, and now you want to learn how commercial banks, insurance firms, and other financial institutions work in-depth.
  • You’re interviewing with financial institutions groups (FIG) – at banks, PE firms, hedge funds, or other finance firms.
  • You’re about to start working in a financial institutions group, or you’ve just transferred into one and you need to get up to speed quickly.
  • You’re an experienced professional and you’ve worked in the commercial banking or insurance industries before – and now you’re transitioning into investment banking, private equity, or related roles.Whenever you’re interviewing for these roles at investment banks, you’ll always get a few questions over and over…
  • How much do you know about accounting? Do you know how it’s different for banks and financial institutions?
  • Can you walk me through how you would value a bank? What about an insurance firm? How are P&C Insurance and Life Insurance different?
  • What are the key factors that drive a financial institution’s valuation?
  • Can you pitch us a bank stock? What are the main catalysts and risk factors?
  • How do merger models and leveraged buyout (LBO) models differ for these companies?
  • How would you advise a bank on its best options in an M&A scenario?
  • How would you describe your financial modeling skills?Confidently answering all these questions and showing evidence of the case studies you’ve completed will set you apart from everyone else in the interview room and put you in prime position to land lucrative internships and jobs at investment banks, private equity firms, and hedge funds.We’ve designed the course from the ground up to help you gain functional mastery of this highly specialized material in the shortest possible time.Here’s what you’ll learn via the case studies of the Shawbrook stock pitch and JP Morgan’s potential acquisition of SunTrust Banks:

  • Module 1: Bank Overview: Accounting, Valuation, and Regulations: You’ll discover how banks operate and why you can’t rely on traditional metrics, multiples, or modeling.
  • Module 2: Bank Operating Model (Shawbrook): You will construct a detailed operating model for Shawbrook, including detailed calculations for its loan portfolio, three statements, and regulatory capital under Basel III.
  • Module 3: Bank Valuation (Shawbrook): You will create a full-fledged valuation model for Shawbrook based on public company comparables, precedent transactions, a regression analysis, and dividend discount and residual income models. You’ll then use these to build a stock pitch, equity research report, and IB pitch book for the company.
  • Module 4: Bank Merger Model (JP Morgan / SunTrust): You’ll create a detailed merger model for JP Morgan’s hypothetical acquisition of SunTrust Banks, and you’ll understand how a commercial bank’s merger model differs from the standard one.
  • Module 5: Bank LBO Model: You will discover how to create a “bank LBO model,” and you’ll learn why the traditional LBO framework does not apply to commercial banks.
  • Module 6: Insurance Overview: In this module, you’ll get a crash course in all things insurance-related, from the business model to the financial statements, projections, and valuation.

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