AWAI & Ryan Deiss – 6 Hour CVO Expert Training


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AWAI & Ryan Deiss – 6 Hour CVO Expert Training

AWAI & Ryan Deiss – 6 Hour CVO Expert Training

Price:  $297
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Looking for the Fastest Next Step Up in Your Copywriting


In just six hours, you can become the solution to the great,

big “CVO Puzzle” your clients are constantly trying to solve …

Right now, your current and future clients are all facing one HUGE puzzle:

How to increase revenue and grow their business — FAST.

Fact is, there are only three ways to do it:

  1. Attract more new customers …
  2. Increase the size of each sale …
  3. And get customers to buy more often.

This is what’s known as “increasing customer lifetime value” … or what we call Customer Value Optimization (CVO).

And the best way to do it is with detailed, automated, multistep sales “funnels.”

Sales funnels are highly effective, automated systems that keep new customers coming down the pipeline and offer previous buyers new products … while reducing the amount of “hands-on” time required from the marketing team.

Seems simple, right?

The reality is, it’s eluding thousands of your potential clients right now. And they’re willing to pay big bucks to find the answer.

They’ll pay you to design the funnel (between a $1,000 and $1,500 fee to start).

They’ll pay you to write the copy for the funnel. (Your standard copy fees apply.)

And they’ll pay you AGAIN to continuously “optimize” the funnel!

That’s three paychecks for one project!

And in a matter of six hours, with Ryan Deiss’ step-by-step training, detailed blueprints, case studies, and fill-in-the-blank templates, you’ll know exactly how to do all of it.

If you aren’t familiar with Ryan Deiss, he’s a talented copywriter, author, and speaker … prolific business-builder … and the CEO and Co-Founder of Digital Marketer, a cutting-edge company that, essentially, teaches marketers how to make more money selling stuff …

And he’s the ideal one to teach you how to become a CVO Expert.

First, you’ll learn Ryan’s industry-famous “Advanced Conversion Funnel Optimization” (which he and his team have spent millions of dollars and years of testing to perfect).

There’s five different pieces to building the most effective sales funnels … and Ryan will walk you through each and every one in exacting detail … so you’ll be absolutely confident re-creating it for ANY client, in any niche, with any type of audience.

He’s going to give you …

  • Multi-point checklists for creating super-powerful offers that visitors can’t resist. He breaks down each and every point into extreme detail.
  • Multiple examples of each piece of the funnel … why they work and how they could be stronger …
  • His detailed analyses of real-life case studies for each piece, from various niches and industries …
  • The “cheese and whiskers” rule for writing copy that can make or break the sale … and the “Starbucks trick” for boosting your client’s sales …
  • And MUCH more.

Then, you’ll learn about the Invisible Sales Machine — the “back-end” technique that keeps prospects moving through your funnel:

A five-phase email series that says “hello” to new customers … builds a trusting relationship … asks questions … or offers new products … all without anyone having to push “Send.”

You’ll discover:

  • How to craft the automated, evergreen, and sophisticated multistep email campaign that “oils” your funnel and quite literally makes your clients (or you) sales while you sleep …(It sounds hype-y — but this is exactly what your clients want and successful businesses already use. They don’t want to push “Send” every single time a new customer comes into their list. They want automated — and that’s exactly what Ryan will teach you to give them.)
  • The seven-day sequence that strikes a perfect balance between revenue-generation and relationship-building …
  • How to send less emails and make MORE money …
  • Where you should send ALL your clicks in virtually every promotion … and how to leverage this time-tested truth into more writing projects for yourself …
  • The “B x D + C Formula” that guarantees higher open rates, more clicks, and increased sales from your email list …
  • Plus, answers to commonly asked questions like, “How many times per week should we email our list?” “Should everyone receive the exact same email?” “Should they even receive the same amount of emails?” (Ryan will tell you EXACTLY how many!)
  • And, “What should we do with subscribers who haven’t opened or clicked one of our emails in 60 days?”
  • How to improve your clicks and opens by “dropping dead weight” …
  • And, in-depth explanations of each series … detailed checklists … and MUCH more!

Ryan thoroughly explains how to write and use each email series … PLUS, he’s generously given you his proven, million-dollar templatesfor doing this!

I’m talking about fill-in-the-blank and hit “Send” templates …

And you’ll have his “permission and blessing” to use his templates as you see fit.


You’ll also get Ryan’s “88-Second” Technique for getting a brand-new client … with less than 10 minutes of effort … no cold-calling required.

You HAVE to hear him explain this — it’s a game-changer if you’ve ever struggled to market yourself or keep your client pipeline full!

In short, this isn’t just “another” copywriting opportunity. It’s a chance to become a marketing expert.

It’s thorough training that transforms you into a knowledgeable web marketing consultant, with an insider “trainer” that everyone knows and respects.

Spend just six hours with Ryan, over a weekend if you like, and you’ll find your marketing expertise expands substantially.

Once you have this in-demand expertise, you’ll be able to help your clients solve their #1 problem …

And you’ll have a relatively little-known but lucrative service that complements and magnifies the copywriting skills you already have.

It’s hands-down the fastest way to start pocketing three paychecks per project, instead of just one.

Plus, the up-front investment — in time, effort, and money — is very, very low. It only takes six hours to learn … but the rewards you’ll reap are enormous.

Get started today!


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