Automation Bridge Academy – Campaigns That Convert


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Automation Bridge Academy – Campaigns That Convert

Automation Bridge Academy – Campaigns That Convert

Price:  $199
Sale Page: automationbridge.com/academy/product/campaigns-that-convert/
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How to Dominate With Email By Building A System That Will Create Customers Out Of Your Website Subscribers

Would you like to get more customers out of your email subscribers?

You’ve seen other entrepreneurs send emails and make money with great success yet it continues to be a mystery to you.

You have followed the step-by-step formulas of numerous experts without any real results.

Happens to the best of us. Myself included.

Creating high performing email campaigns doesn’t have to be confusing or frustration any more…

It’s time to learn how to build profitable email campaigns in ActiveCampaign.


After sending crappy emails for years, I finally figured out the foundational elements in making highly successful email campaigns that get subscribers to open and click your emails. All it took was a few key shifts in my approach and the results happened instantly.

My belief is that if you were to start right now you could have your first profitable email campaign up and running within the next 24 hours.

Imagine having a system in place that you KNOW converts your newly acquired leads to satisfied customers automatically.

What would it be like to not have the pressure of trying to sell your products to potential customers knowing that your new system will do it for you in a way that’s natural and non-salesy?

Even while you sleep.

Let me be the first to tell you…

There’s no greater feeling in business than having a proven email campaign selling your product for you.

That’s exactly why I am sharing one of my most highly effective strategies with you…

Browse the entire course curriculum below

Module 1 – Learn It

Overview: The History of Permission Based Marketing
The Breakdown: Single Opt-In vs. Double Opt-in
The Breakdown: “The Single Double” Opt-In
The “Single-Double” Blueprint Walkthrough

Module 2 – Build It

Importing the Automations
Import Tags Using the Tag Guide
Importing Your Follow Up Sequence
Importing “Non-Action Takers” Automation
“Single-Double” ActiveCampaign Automation
Importing “Single-Double” Automation
Importing “Clicked to Download LeadMagnet” Automation
Importing “Mark As Reachable” Automation

Module 3 – Measure It

Testing Your Automation
Calculating Your Conversion Rate
Creating Your Auto-Populating Dashboard


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