Anthony Devine – Pay Per Call Arbitrage Training With Multi 7-Figure Marketer


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Affiliate offer selection is critical to your success. That is exactly why we want to look over your top selections so we ma

Anthony Devine – Pay Per Call Arbitrage Training With Multi 7-Figure Marketer

Price:  $397
Sale Page: learn.kallzu.com/kallzu-adwords-replay-397-expired/
Archive:  archive.is/wY5vv

15 Ways We Personally Ensure Your Success
* If you cancel and resubscribe price will be $597/mo.
#1 – Access To All On Going LIVE Case Studies (value $197/mo)
No better way to learn than to witness LIVE case studies before your eyes.  We will always have current case studies you can learn from, access to past cases studies, AND featured student case studies.

#2 – TWO  Private Adwords Coaching Calls Per Month EVERY Month. (value $197/mo)
Private adwords coaching calls will be made available ONLY  to YOU.  Topics covered: latest updates on our case studies, guest students sharing their success strategies,  Google Adwords updates,  answer all your questions live on the call, and much more.

#3 – Affiliate Offer/Niche Selection Review (value $97/mo)
Affiliate offer selection is critical to your success.  That is exactly why we want to look over your top selections so we may give you our feedback and ensure your first step forward is in the right direction.

#4 – We Review ALL Your Adword Copy (value $197/mo)
Ad sales copy is critical to your success it can mean the difference between failure or success.  We want you to succeed! That is why we will review your adwords copy.

#5 – Keyword List Review (value $197/mo)
With paid advertising there are thousand of keyword to choice from and they all look good.  To add to the confusion do you select: exact match, broad match, phrase match, and/or negative match?  No worries we will review your keyword selections and make sure you have the correct selection to ensure your success.

#6 – Adwords Campaign Setup Review ( value $197/mo)
Okay so you have a niche, keywords, ad copy, so now your ready to set up your adwords campaign.  Don’t panic! Again we are here to review it and ensure when you hit that start button all will be good.  Your success is our success.

#7 – Web Site Page Build Out (value $397)
You provide the basic content and 2 Images
We build out 10 PPCall Adword pages all keyword targeted

#8 – Campaign Optimization Reviews (value $297/mo)
After your your first live campaign it is time to take the data and optimize it so your next live campaign will be even more profitable!  So much date to optimize how will you do it?  Never optimize data from campaign before?  No worries we are here to help you every step of the way.

#9 – Scale Review Requests (value $197/mo)
By now you have your campaign dialed in for a city now it is time to take all your hard work and duplicate across 20, 30, 50 cities!!  This will be the most exciting time of your business growth and with the right guidance you will be able to scale correctly.  We are hear to guide you every step of the way.

#10 – Transition From Affiliate Offers To Local Clients (value $1000)
Might be time to cut out the middle man? (The affiliate) And sell leads directly to local business owners which can easily double your profits.  This step is optional as some will enjoy a very comfortable headache free affiliate check week after week while you quietly work from your laptop. While others are hungry for more profits and don’t mind working with business owners.  Either way we are here to support you.

#11 – Attend 2 LIVE Workshops Per Year (value $1,000/ea)
Attend our LIVE 2 day workshops per year where everyone comes to learn and implement.  Nothing is sold all speakers are successful kallzu students and kallzu coaches.  Events are professionally recorded and available if you cannot attend live.  Last workshop was in Barcelona (Sept. 2016) our next event will be in Thailand (April 2016).  These events are life changing all you need to do is show up.

#12 – 20 Minute Workweek Software (currently charge $279/mo)
Over 1 million users and 9 BILLION in ad revenue data to build thee BEST PPCall Adwords software on the planet is essential to your Adwords PPCAll success and literally takes a 40 hour workweek and reduce it down to 20 minutes.

#13 – Full PPCall Adwords Training Course (value $1,997)
Over 80+ Adwords PPCall training videos taught by William Meers thee leading expert in Pay Per Call advertising.   Each video is not longer than 5-8 minutes so your quickly take in the material in bit size manageable pieces.

#14 – Propriety Method For Getting Clients Hand Free Works 100% of The Time. (value $1,997)
Work directly with out USA based Fully Trained Call Center.  Fully trained for kallzu lead gen calls.  Many of our students use them with 100% success.
Let trained USA agents take  your inbound prospect calls (say for emergency dentist) they will answer with your company name, take all customer information and let them know a doctor will call them back in 5 minutes.
Next they call a local emergency dentist you want to work with and simply tell them they have a patience that needs taken care of now can they call them asap.  Then give all the information and ask that they take good care of patience because they have many more leads.   Gather doctors name, phone, and email.
Follow up with email to see if client was taken care of and ask if they want another lead.  Same process as above only this time they say if you to continue they leads they are $X amount.  100% of time they say yes (price cannot be to high we help you set prices) and schedule time to speak with Account Manager (you or someone you hire).
This is easiest close your every make in your life ZERO selling they just want to confirm your real.. that is all.   Works 100% of time as long as company can handle more business and you don’t have your lead prices to high.
Cost one time $1.50 to answer the call flat rate no matter how long the call takes.  Cost $1.75 to call local business owner flat rate no matter how long it takes.   Cost .50 cent to email or text business owners.   Best method on the planet for getting clients.
We provide all scripts PLUS the agents are fully trained and VERY familiar with kallzu.

#15 – Client Engagement Sequence (value $4,997)
Automated 90 Day Autoresponder Sequence (Copy/Paste)
13 Client Education Videos (White Label)
All Designed To Onboard, Educate and Retain Your New Clients On Autopilot!


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