Anat Baniel – Video NeuroMovement® Whole Brain & Body Fitness Package

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Anat Baniel - Video NeuroMovement® Whole Brain & Body Fitness PackageAnat Baniel – Video NeuroMovement® Whole Brain & Body Fitness Package


Anat Baniel has recorded four revolutionary NeuroMovement® video programs in this series. These programs incorporate all of the latest methods to provide you with real and immediate access to your own brain, unleashing your power to overcome limitation and to discover new, often unforeseen life-giving possibilities.

With the Nine Essentials and these innovative movement lessons, you will wake up your brain to discover new, pain-free ways to move. You will experience greater flexibility and freedom in your movement, and learn to move in ways you may have thought impossible. Your thinking will become clearer and more creative, and you will experience renewed vitality, sensuality, and enhanced joy in everyday life.

“Anat helped retrain my brain. My strides are more confident, my balance dramatically improved. ”

~Joel J.

“After doing the lesson I felt so freed up, I could breathe more deeply than I could for months, since the onset of the great stress in my life; my fear is gone and now I feel really great. “

~Cheryl S.

These programs address 4 different areas that are essential for a healthy, vibrant, and radiant body and mind. Each of the programs, in addition to transforming your abilities in the area of focus of that program, also helps upgrade your brain as a whole and train it to organize all of your actions at a higher level, thus enhancing your health, your success in what you do, and your well-being:

  • NeuroMovement® Whole Body Fitness
  • NeuroMovement® Better Balance
  • NeuroMovement® Healthy Dynamic Sitting
  • NeuroMovement® Better Breathing

Each program has six separate movement lessons, the equivalent of the number of movement lessons in a two-day live workshop.

When sold separately, these programs retail for $99.95 each, for a total value of $399 for 12 hours of cutting-edge NeuroMovement lessons.

For best results, we recommend that you complete these NeuroMovement® Whole Brain & Body Fitness programs before going on to other NeuroMovement programs.

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