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Alp Turan - Email Prodigy

Alp Turan – Email Prodigy

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How to write emails busy subscribers *make* time to read (and actually buy from)

Email Prodigy is for online entrepreneurs who want to write marketing emails that their subscribers *make* time to read, and actually enjoy buying from, so that you can make more sales (almost) every time you email your list.

And that’s why I HAVE to limit it to 5 people.

Because you only get responses and results like that when you write and market from your zone of genius.

Which means, I need to shape the exercises around *your* strengths.

I need to personally go in and edit your emails with you until they sing.

I need to dissect your homework and give you line-by-line commentary and psychoanalysis until you “get” it.

Frankly, I can’t be that “hands-on” with three hundred students.

The logistics?

Ultimately, the logistics are irrelevant.

I sell results, and I’ll bend the logistics around them until I can get you those results.

That said, here is the basic plan:

  • I’ll limit each cohort to just 5 students, so you can all get personal attention from me.
  • The next cohort starts on 07 May 2018 and finishes on 18 June 2018.
  • The programme material is delivered through a combination of recorded videos, weekly workshops (you can attend live or watch the recording), and office hours where I do teardowns on your emails.

You should set aside 5 hours per week: 2 hours for the course material (videos and weekly workshop) and 3 hours for homework.

You walk out with:

  • An email marketing strategy,
  • A day-by-day game plan to double your sales with email marketing, and
  • The prodigious ability to whip out a sales email in as little as 15 minutes that your subscribers will *make* time to read and actually buy from.

So that’s Email Prodigy…

It’s open only to ambitious, teachable subscribers who appreciate my way of doing things.

If you want to get in and plant your flag on the supernova before it disappears off the night sky, do it today.

Class Curriculum



Live Demo: Watch me spin 1 random story into 10 sales emails for 6 different business… in 30 minutes


The next run of Email Prodigy will start on 07 May 2018.


Download the course materials here.

MODULE 0: The Way of the Email Prodigy

LESSON 0: Introduction to Email Prodigy + The Foundation

Your Marketing Architecture

Overview of the Email Prodigy Programme

LESSON 1: Litmus Test: The 3 Hallmarks of a Great Marketing Email

LESSON 2: The 12 Principles an Email Prodigy Lives (and Dies) By

Principle 1

Principle 2

Principle 3

Principle 4

Principle 5

Principle 6

Principle 7

Principle 8

Principle 9

Principle 10

Principle 11

Principle 12

LESSON 3: What to Expect as You Become an Email Prodigy

(FOR COHORT 1 ONLY) Prep Week Workshop

MODULE 1: Hook, Line and Sinker – The 7-step Email Prodigy system

Theory: The 7-Step Thought Process

Application: Watch over my shoulder as I apply the 7 steps and whip out an email from scratch in 15 min

How to seamlessly pivot from any story to the call-to-action, so that your email triggers an overpowering urge to buy (without sounding like a needy sales email)

This week’s email template

Workshop – Cohort 1: Module 1

Workshop – Cohort 2: Module 1

Workshop – Cohort 3: Module 1

Workshop – Cohort 4: Module 1

MODULE 2: Pick-Me-Up – How to make your emails stand out in a crowded inbox, so they get opened (while everything else gets deleted)

The Subject Line Spring: 17 ways to write subject lines that grab people by the eyeballs

The Hook Generator: How to write a first line that virtually guarantees your entire email will get read

This week’s email template

Workshop – Cohort 1: Module 2

Workshop – Cohort 2: Module 2

Workshop – Cohort 3: Module 2

Workshop – Cohort 4: Module 2

MODULE 3: But That’s Another Story – How to spin any story into a sales email that people actually read (and love to buy from)

The Story Sanctuary: How to discover an endless supply of stories that help you sell

Sensei’s Spinning Top: How to spin any story into a sales email, so that you always have something interesting to write about that moves your subscribers closer to the sale

From the Reliquary: 7 Story Spin-Offs

This week’s email template (on one of the story spin-offs)

Workshop – Cohort 1: Module 3

Workshop – Cohort 1: Student Teardowns

Workshop – Cohort 2: Module 3

Workshop – Cohort 3: Module 3

Workshop – Cohort 4: Module 3

MODULE 4: The 15-Minute Email Engine – How to quickly whip out emails that get noticed

How to quickly whip out emails that get read, so you don’t spend all day writing one marketing asset

Backstage pass into what I do – This is how I structure my email writing so it becomes a 3o min process instead of a 3 hour nervous breakdown

This week’s email template

Workshop – Cohort 1: Module 4

Workshop – Cohort 3: Module 4

MODULE 5: The Buying Brain – How to sell so people want to buy

The 7 Buying Milestones

The Market Mover: How to reverse-engineer successful email funnels, so that you don’t waste months on market research and can leverage your competitors’ market insights

This week’s email template

Workshop – Cohort 1: Module 5

Workshop – Cohort 1: Module 5

Workshop – Cohort 2: Module 5

Workshop – Cohort 2: Module 5

Workshop – Cohort 3: Module 5

MODULE 6: Your 3-month Email Marketing Game Plan

The Game Plan – walkthrough

Tailor-fitting: I map out your 3 month game plan, so that you know exactly what email to send, when, for what purpose for the next 90 days

This week’s email template

Workshop – Cohort 1: Module 6

Workshop – Cohort 2: Module 6

Workshop – Cohort 3: Module 6


Subject Line Stockpile: 600+ subject lines to inspire your next sales email


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