Al Aiello – The Ultimate Tax Bible For Self-Employed Entrepreneurs


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As author of The Renaissance Goldmine of Brilliant Tax Strategies For Real Estate Investors, Al Aiello also

Al Aiello – The Ultimate Tax Bible For Self-Employed Entrepreneurs

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Business Owners, how would you like to:

  • Find hidden tax savings that your CPA does not know about?
  • Protect yourself from IRS audits?
  • Avoid wrong costly advice and more?

Well you can with:


The Ultimate Tax Bible for 
Self-Employed Entrepreneurs

Al Aiello, CPA, MS Taxation, Business Owner


As author of The Renaissance Goldmine of Brilliant Tax Strategies For Real Estate Investors, Al Aiello also has created this special tax course with different strategies targeted to business owners. This equals even more savings in your pocket.

All self-employed and home-based businesses (including real estate investors) will profit from this course as well as all types of entities – Schedule C, partnerships, corporations, and LLCs.

A partial list of the money-saving gems you will discover:

200+ Little-Known, Brilliant & Updated Tax Reduction Strategies! Any one of these can save you hundreds even thousands, let alone 200!!


7 Proven Tax Tips you must know to forever cut taxes.


How To Deduct Almost Everything You Pay with over 250 deductions; you will become a walking tax deduction!!


18 Ways to Audit Proof Your Business Returns by letting the IRS forget you and your wallet! AVOID the costs, time and aggravation of an audit!!


The Right Entity for Your Business will save you the most taxes!


17 Ways to Write-off $1,000s of Capital Assets – all in one year!


19 Ways to MAX Auto deductions to ”Drive” away your taxes!


Is Leasing an Auto Really Better? When you should, or should NOT!


Deduct Your Vacations! Let the IRS Pick Up The Tab!


13 Ways to Deduct Entertainment. Profit & Have Fun While Doing It!


Use Your Own HOME to Generate Tax Savings so you can sleep while you save!


How to safely claim Home-Office Deductions Correctly, so they are not a red flag.


Hiring Assistants – 9 Ways to Save Costly Payroll Hassles.


Use Family Members to make your business grow and lower your tax bill!


Deduct 100% of Medical Deductions as Business Expenses.


36 Ways to Maximize Valuable Business Deductions.


9 Ways to Create Wealth With Retirement Plans… Tax-Free!


Reduce Those Killer Social Security Taxes from eating up your income!


Lower Your Quarterlies so you keep the interest!


Find Hidden Tax Dollars from the Past; let the IRS make you rich!


Contains many tax gems even the best tax advisors do not know!
Much more!


“This is a course you must have if you plan on being in business. The plain language explanation of these tax reduction strategies should be required reading for all self-employed entrepreneurs.”
Allan Domb, Top Producing Realtor, Center City Philadelphia


The Tax Bible includes:


A Comprehensive 300 Page Updated On-Line Manual


  • Tons of money-saving info – right in your pocket
  • Complete tax law citations – to document your strategies
  • Many overlooked deductions – more savings
  • In an electronic downloadable format – for ease of use


UPDATED AUDIO CD SERIES: 10 Audio CDs Collection Downloads with detailed tracking


CD Collection 1:

Track 1: Start Off on the Right Foot
Track 2: Great Tax Advantages of a Business
Track 3: How to Maximize Depreciation Deductions in Your Business
Track 4: Huge Upfront Deductions with First-Year Expensing
Track 5: Other Depreciation Deduction Strategies to Save You More



CD Collection 2:

Track 1: Strategies to Maximize Auto Depreciation
Track 2: Auto Deduction Methods with Strategies
Track 3: Standard Auto Mileage Method
Track 4: Actual Method of Deducting Auto Expenses
Track 5: Strategies to Increase Business Miles and Deductions
Track 6: Should I Lease or Buy, Which Is Better



CD Collection 3:

Track 1: Strategies to Maximize Entertainment
Track 2: Strategies to Maximize Out-Of-Town Travel
Track 3: Strategies to Maximize Home-Office Deductions



CD Collection 4:

Track 1: Save Payroll Taxes with Independent Contractors
Track 2: Deducting Family Members as a Business Expense
Track 3: Fringe Benefits – More Family Deductions
Track 4: More Family Tax Strategies Via Leasing



CD Collection 5:

Track 1: Advantages and Types of Retirement Plans
Track 2: Qualified (Keogh) Plans
Track 3: SEP Plans and SIMPLE Plans (best kept secret)
Track 4: Retirement Plan Strategies
Track 5: IRA’s – Traditional and Roth Plans
Track 6: How to Take Out Tax-Free Money from IRAs and Other Tips



CD Collection 6:

Track 1: Fully Deduct Business Tax Losses even with No Income
Track 2: Strategies to Maximize Deductions on Business Schedules
Track 3: How to Audit-Proof Your Business
Track 4: Audit-Proofing Statements
Track 5: Advantages and Strategies for Filing Extensions



CD Collection 7:

Track 1: Using an S-Corp to Save on Social Security Taxes
Track 2: Using an S-Corp with a Medical Reimbursement Plan
Track 3: Other Tips to Reduce Social Security Taxes
Track 4: Other S-Corp Planning Tips
Track 5: C-Corporations – When to Use, When Not to Use
Track 6: Using an LLC for Your Business



CD Collection 8:

Track 1: Strategies for Loss-Years, Including NOLs for Refunds
Track 2: Lower Your Quarterly Estimates Without Penalties
Track 3: Safely Filing Amended Returns for Hidden Tax Dollars
Track 4: How to Select the Right Tax Advisor for Your Business



CD Collection 9:

Track 1: Overlooked Business Deductions (and Savings)
Track 2: Year-End Tax Planning Strategies (up to December 31)
Track 3: Why Are You Paying Too Much Taxes and What to Do about It



CD Collection 10:

Real World Case Study – How a business owner saved over $19,000 in only 7 easy steps that her CPA did not even think of!


TWO CD-ROM DISKS Reusable Forms in Microsoft Word:

Disk 1: Bible Forms Disk – IRS Audit Proofing Statements; Checklist of Overlooked Deductions; Special Reports; Tax-Saving Elections; IRS Penalty Killer Packet. You will not get these forms anywhere else!

The Independent Contractor’s Agreement Kit – Forms & Procedures to save you thousands in payroll taxes and time-consuming filings. Other useful employment forms to protect you.

Disk 2: Medical Reimbursement Plan Kit – Forms & Procedures to deduct medical costs as business deductions and save thousands every year. Al’s students are saving $4,000 to $8,000 a year in taxes, just with this ONE easy-to-use strategy.


CUSTOMER SUPPORT HELPLINE – ONE YEAR FREE: Email your business tax questions to one of our CPAs for prompt money-saving responses. “I am so impressed how quickly you respond. I am truly glad to be a student of yours!” 
Melody ([email protected])

Praise for the “Bible”

“Even with all of my tax background as a CPA, I find The Tax Bible one of the best saving tax devices written in simple language for an ordinary person to understand. Everyone should have a copy on their research shelf…”
Al Brindisi, CPA, MBA, Director of Graduate Tax Program, Former IRS Trainer

“This is a must for every self-employed person. Not only is it loaded with useful tax saving techniques, but the schedules and checklists are wonderful time-savers and identify tax deductions which are frequently overlooked by professionals.”
Dennis L. Cohen, Tax Attorney, Cozen and O’Connor, National Law Firm

“This far surpasses anything that I have learned before. It gave me specific tax reduction techniques that I applied immediately. I save a considerable amount of taxes every year because of Mr. Aiello’s insight”
David Freedman, CCIM, Business Owner

“Al, your Tax Bible saved me almost $20,000 in taxes. You have a customer for life!”
Jim Brenneck, Self-Employed Realtor


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