Aja Frost – The Content Cluster Strategy

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The Content Cluster Strategy

Course Overview:

Join HubSpot, Head of Content, SEO, Am Frost, as she teaches you the art of the content cluster, a content marketing strategy thats helped HubSpot generate record-setting number of leads and software trials from their blog. In tho workshop, you’ll get the chance to brush up on your SKI bamy, and Bay the and outs of keyword research. More importantly, you’ll come out of thE workshop with a fully-completed topic cluster of your own, and a blueprint to finish the rest. Based in SEO best practice, you’ll be able to show your reader AND their search engine that you have both breadth and depth in a topic, making you the ultimate authority.

What You’ll Learn

A quick review of the most important SEO concept

The Topic Cluster strategy, and how important SEO concepts to implement it in your business, fast

How to do keyword research so you can create targerted content your customers are already looking for

How to leverage SEO Tools to help build your blog and get more lead.

Course Outline
The Topic Cluster Strategy

SEO 101

Topic Cluster Strategy

Diving Deeper TCS

Build a Topic Cluster. Pick The Overarching Concept
Mapping Topic Gaps
Content Audit
Build a Topic Cluster. Map The Cluster Pods
Keyword Research
Content Gap Analysis
Net New Posts
Refreshed Pos.
Build a Topic Cluster. Create The Pillar Page
Create Pillar Page

About Aja Frost

As HubSpot, head of content SEO, AJa guides as website and blog search strategy. She’s spoken at INBOUND, SearchLove, TechSEO Boost, SMX, Advanced Search Summit, and more.

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