Advanced NLP Mastery 2009 Training – 18 DVDs


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Advanced NLP Mastery 2009 Training - 18 DVDs1Advanced NLP Mastery 2009 Training - 18 DVDs1Advanced NLP Mastery 2009 Training – 18 DVDs

Author: Andrew Austin, Steve Andreas, Steven Watson, and Charles Faulkner

Participants at this unique training gave it rave reviews—they’re telling us things like… * “It’s revitalized my NLP practice!” * “I’m using what I learned and I’m having a great time with it!” * “It’s given me the confidence to really offer my services and be effective with NLP.”

The Advanced Mastery Training was created to establish a new high standard for collaborative NLP training—which means you’ll be learning some subtle distinctions seldom or never taught elsewhere.

On these 18 DVDs, master NLP trainers Andrew T. Austin, Steve Andreas, Steven Watson, and Charles Faulkner together present new and powerful patterns for making the changes you and your clients want. They also go in greater depth than you’ve probably ever seen into some older methods, inspiring you to be more precise and elegant with your existing NLP skills.

Who Will Benefit from These DVDs

1. NLP Coaches whether working as therapists or in a business context.

2. Personal development enthusiasts interested in self-growth and evolution.

3. NLP Practitioners, Master Practitioners, and Trainers.

This was an advanced training for people certified at the Master Practitioner level or above. However, our training approach is to present and explore topics in such a way that they are accessible, so you can use your own judgment about whether you will enjoy learning what this training has to offer. If you’ve ever worked with clients who aren’t familiar with NLP, you’ve probably experienced challenges with making the techniques work as smoothly and easily as you’ve seen demonstrated in NLP trainings. You may also wonder “do these quick changes always last?” This can make it hard to congruently use the skills you already have. In these videos, you’ll see each trainer work with clients who have no prior experience of NLP as well as with training participants. Also, follow-up reports are included for most of these clients, so you can know what’s really possible when you make these kinds of rapid changes yourself.

As an advanced practitioner of NLP, sometimes it’s hard to find training that’s really engaging. Since all participants on these videos have a minimum background of Master Practitioner training—and often much more—the quality of their questions is much higher than in most trainings, and the trainers’ answers are more interesting and detailed.

The entire training was professionally recorded, and we think you’ll be very pleased with the quality overall. Even audience questions and comments come through well most of the time. With the exception of an occasional technical problem, the overall quality is excellent.

For instance, if you’re wanting to get this training but are concerned about when you’re going to be able to find 25 hours to watch all of it, you might want to consider that if you watch an average of just 20 minutes a day, a few months from now you’ll be looking back at all the great new distinctions and learnings you’ve made, enjoying your renewed inspiration for this work.

Those who are newer to hypnosis may especially enjoy Steven Watson’s presentation.

What You’ll Get By watching these videos and practicing the material taught you’ll…

* Learn new methods, patterns, distinctions, and fine points.

* Deepen and extend your existing NLP skills.

* Learn new approaches that challenge common thinking in the field of NLP.

* Increase your confidence in using NLP with others.

* See live demonstrations with clients with no previous NLP experience: pain control, weight loss, judgment, paralysis, and phantom limb pain.

* Become part of this international NLP community—people interested in continuing our expansion and exploration of what is possible with NLP through all of us working together.

Set #1 (9 DVDs, 14.5 hrs. of Training) Andrew T. Austin (13 hours)

1. Client session, “Dealing with Disaster.”

2. Patterns of Chronicity: how clients stay stuck.

3. Patterns of Chronicity: how clients stay stuck (continued).

4. Phantom Limb Pain: using the mirror box.

5. Integral Eye Movement Therapy

6. metaphors of Movement.

7. Client session, “Weight Loss.”

8. Detailed Outcomes: direction, distance, path, timing. Charles Faulkner (1 ½ hours) 1. Forms of Explanation, including two client demonstrations and follow-up.

Set #2 (9 DVDs, 11 hrs of Training) Steve Andreas (7 hours)

1. Resolving anxiety and other strong feelings. Spinning Feelings and Tempo shift.

2. Client session, “Transforming Judgment into Compassion and Gratitude.”

3. Transforming Troublesome Internal Voices.

4. Major Deletions and Inappropriate Scope.

5. Either/Or digital opposites.

6. Submodality Accessing Cues; Digital and Analog Gestures.

Steven Watson (4 hours)

1. Hypnotic Inductions.

2. Hypnotic Inductions (continued).

3. Client Session, “Pain Control.”

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Advanced NLP Mastery 2009 Training - 18 DVDs2

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