Adam Houge‎ – The Fan Base Formula for Authors

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Adam Houge‎ – The Fan Base Formula for Authors

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The Fan Base Formula for Authors

In this easy to follow training program I’ll show you step by step the exact system I’ve used to build a six figure per year income from writing and self-publishing.

 You will learn the exact ethical strategies that both I and other six figure authors have employed to sky rocket our careers. And the best part? For this launch only I will also personally be there to mentor you one on one and hold your hand through the process.

Most people charge thousands of dollars for coaching. But with this course I’ll give it to you free of charge along with many other amazing bonuses such as a full length module on how to sell on facebook.

*Because I know you’ll LOVE this training I am offering a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee so you can enroll in confidence

In This Training and Membership I Will Show You


  • Step by step the most effective strategies to build an email list rapidly. (This is how I’ve built my list from nothing to tens of thousands of subscribers in under a year.)
  • The exact step by step system I use to build a massive fan base FAST on autopilot (I’ve used this to launch 1st time pen names which started with no audience, to the top of the Amazon charts.)
  • The exact blueprint to launch like six figure and New York Times Bestselling authors (and I’ll personally walk you through the process with 1:1 mentoring and group coaching)
  • A simple but effective review strategy that can get you tons of reviews on day one. (even if it’s your first book launch)
  • I will show you how the Amazon algorithm works and how you can get your books to stick on the algorithm (so you can build up your career book by book)
  • And everything you need to take your career to the next level! 
  • Also with the Membership you will have full access to one another to cross promote with other authors who have been personally trained by me on how to promote and build email list.

This Training is More Than a Course 

It is an author school, a community, and membership in which I will show you how you can make the most of your career. And through which you can build relationships with other authors on the same road to success as you to cross promote, work together, build multi-author boxsets and succeed together. In addition to the training I will personally show you everything I and other six figure authors are doing to succeed, that you can replicate the format for yourself.

Whether you’re a long time successful author, or still writing your first book this course is for you…

Because the training has been built to meet you where you’re at and give you the advice and connections you need to succeed and take your career to the next level. And even if you hate selling, or are a complete technophobe, this course is still for you. It is simple and streamlined, showing you the best way to build and connect with your audience without being salesy or needing to be a techno wizard. I will remove ALL the technological barriers by showing you step by step how to set up your email auto-responder, your author website for cheap (and make it look like a $5000 website with a simple drag and drop builder), your facebook page and author platform, and everything you need so that there is no grey area for you. I make it easy.

And best of all I’ll show you how to put the whole thing on autopilot, and launch higher than you ever have, so you can do what you love to do most: write, spend time with family, and enjoy life.

Here is what you’ll learn inside the Fan Base Formula for Authors…



How to Maximize Your Sales and Conversion Rates

  • How to get more subscribers, reviews, and sales for FREE!
  • How the algorithm works (This is how to STICK on the algorithm)
  • How to use keywords to drive the most sales (and how to find the best ones)
  • How to find the best categories for the most visibility
  • How to make your book look beautiful and convert WAY more customers into sales
  • How to find the hottest selling genres and figure out what to write to make a BIGGER paycheck

BONUS: My Personal List Of Cover Designers 



A Step by Step Review Strategy That Gets Tons of Legit 5 Stars Fast

  • How to automate reviews to optimize your rankings on algorithm
  • How to get tons of legit 5-star reviews even if you’re a brand new author launching your first book



How to Have Massive Launches

  • Launching like a six-figure or New York Times Bestselling author step by step

BONUS: A concise list of the best book blogs to market with on launch day (80+ places to promote your book)



 How to Build your Fan Base FAST

  • How to set up a proper author platform
  • How to Filter More Fans for a bigger fan base
  • How to explode your email list and fan base with free traffic sources and automated fan funnels
  • The Fan Formula – The 4 step process that made me six figures

BONUS VIDEO: How to determine the best niche related blogs to market on and how to do an under the hood look at their traffic and their ability to steer it your way



Facebook Ads for a Bigger Email List

  • How to set up your ads
  • How to target your marketing like a pro
  • The #1 trick to get more subscribers for much less (drive your cost per click to just pennies)
  •  You must monitor! And how to do it.



Using Facebook to Drive Sales (COMING IN NOVEMBER)

  • Why it works
  • The True Facebook Step by Step Formula
  • How to set up ads that convert higher
  • Setting up a landing page that converts higher
  •  How to drive more sales for less money


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