3X VSL Sellerator 3.0


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3X VSL Sellerator 3.0

3X VSL Sellerator 3.0

Price: $2997
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It’s The System That’s Breaking Every Sales Record In The Book…And You Can Get A Small Taste By Watching The Ryan Diess Webinar Below…

IT’S ALIVE: The 3X Sellerator!

Jon Benson’s $800 Million Dollar Machine, The 3XVSL Formula, Has A New Name, New Look, New Content, New Superpowers, And The Same Stellar Reputation For Making Online Business Owners More Cash From Every Word On Every Page You Have Online!


The 3X Sellerator: Your Online Words-To-Cash Machine!
It’s the proprietary software that started an online revolution. Now you can access hundreds of the top-producing sales letter and VSL lines at a click of your mouse… without any guesswork, or wondering where they need to go.

The Sellerator literally accelerates your sales and walks you through the entire sequence you need to quickly create a winning VSL or sales letter, all with simple clicks of your mouse! Then, your sales script is ready for HTML, and your VSL is output as a Powerpoint or Keynote file…all with a simple click of a button!

Even better:

The 3X Sellerator isn’t software you download…it’s software that goes wherever you go. It works online, on any browser, and even on tablets. And, it even works on a smart phone! Why play games on your phone when you can win the game of VSL and sales letter cash!

The 3X Sales Page Persuasion Formula: The Hidden Secret Of The Internet Millionaires!
What’s the true secret of success? Persuasion. If you can’t persuade, you will never survive.


Get over it—persuasion is mandatory, and the best in sales always have persuasion down to a science. Persuasion doesn’t mean “manipulation”—it’s merely speaking the language that your customer needs to hear in order to say YES!

So….want the exact Formula that’s generated close to a Billion Dollars in revenue for Internet business owners like you? Then you’ll get The 3X Persuasion Formula in a series of videos, each designed to help you quickly implement these strategies within The 3X Sellerator. These Persuasion Formula videos are drip-fed to you section by section, so you always feel assured and energized inside the Sellerator Flow!

The 3X VSL Production-By-The-Numbers Guide: Removes The Worry Of “Tech” In A Flash!
These simple, right-to-the-point videos designed to take you quickly from a Sellerator-generated VSL right to having it online, complete with tips on voice-over recording (all you need is a $40 mic, or I’ll show you how to farm it out for next to nothing), compression so you get more sales from faster-loading pages, and even animation tips!

Cheat Sheets, Product Creation Shortcuts, Inspirational Q&A Sessions, Group Webinars, and MORE!
I’ll make you a bet right now: your biggest challenge inside The 3X Sellerator with be deciding which aspect of this “All Bases Covered” System will make you the most money in the fastest time… oh woe is you. : )

Every Formula and Copy Tactic You Need To Jack Your Sales To Mars!
There’s so much more inside The 3X Sellerator that it would take a novel to cover it. I’ll just summarize it by saying this is your one-stop-shop to Words That Get Cash…and sales pages that get you the freedom, respect, and quality of life you freakin’ deserve. Deal?

The 3X Sellerator Even Helps You Crank Out Killer Sales Letters, Direct Mail Copy, Product Launch Formula Copy…PLUS It Works On Any Browser, Any Computer, Laptop, Mac, PC, Tablets…Even Smart Phones!


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